Case Disclosed


Trump and the Toothless Presidential Records Act

An ethics watchdog group is challenging the use of encrypted messaging apps by senior White House officials.

Newly Disclosed Documents on the Five Eyes Alliance and What They Tell Us about Intelligence-Sharing Agreements

The United States is party to a number of international intelligence sharing arrangements—one of the most prominent being the so-called “Five Eyes” alliance.

FBI’s Secret Gag Orders Challenged Before the Ninth Circuit

Not only does the Government have the power to issue secret subpoenas demanding your personal information from private companies—it has the power to prohibit those companies from speaking about what has taken place.

The Exemption 7 Escape from Government Disclosure of Sensitive, Non-classified Information

One of FOIA’s strongest exemptions is, unsurprisingly, for classified information.

The Booming Market for Apocalyptic Literature

Few so accurately predicted the era of “alternative facts” than Orwell, who had this to say: “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

Health Canada’s Draft Guidance for Implementing Vanessa’s Law Limits Transparency

Canada’s public health department, Health Canada, is preparing to release its final guidance on the section of Vanessa’s Law designed to promote the transparency of information around pharmaceutical drugs.