Lowenstein Clinic Reports

(November 2016 | Report)
The Criminalization of Homelessness in Connecticut
Lowenstein Clinic


(September 2016 | Report)
Pakistan's Unlawful Use of the Death Penalty
Lowenstein Clinic, Justice Project Pakistan


(June 20, 2016 | Report)
An International Human Rights Law Analysis
Lara Dominguez, Adrienne Lee, Elizabeth Leiserson



Schell Center at YLS
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Aug 16

When law student Luis Calderon is not working at the European Court of Human Rights, he enjoys going on trips on the Alsatian wine route. https://t.co/i7Werib8Cj

Schell Center at YLS
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Aug 15

Law student Catherine McCarthy (right) is in DC researching international human rights abuses and terrorist activities at DOJ Human Rights https://t.co/GEMOz0l6u6

Schell Center at YLS
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Aug 9

Law student Jonathan Cohen is working toward securing civil and political rights for Palestinians in Israel/Palestine by interning at Adalah https://t.co/TeNnFO9EPR

Schell Center at YLS
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Aug 6

Yale junior Jade Chowning is in New Haven this summer working with the Yale Prison Education Initiative at Dwight Hall. https://t.co/mhnZtW9meU