Lowenstein Clinic Reports

(November 2016 | Report)
The Criminalization of Homelessness in Connecticut
Lowenstein Clinic

Persecution of the Rohingya Muslims

(October 2015 | Report)
Is Genocide Occurring in Myanmar's Rakhine State?: A Legal Analysis
Lowenstein Clinic, Justice Project Pakistan


Students from the Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic travelled to South Korea to interview LGBT youth for a newly released report. © 2018 Gowun Lee

Prosecuting crimes against humanity can prevent them from escalating into war crimes or genocide, Sadat said at her Oct. 20, 2021 talk.


Schell Center at YLS
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Dec 7

"Sometimes my students say, we don't have the tools, we don't have the laws, we don't have the information. How are we going to ensure enforcement?" Alfred Brownell said at his Nov. 10 talk. "As lawyers, we have to keep our minds wide open." https://t.co/kAYl1lWvvJ

Schell Center at YLS
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Nov 15

Joanne Meyerowitz, Arthur Unobskey Professor of @yale_history and American Studies, spoke about her most recent book, "A War on Global Poverty: The Lost Promise of Redistribution and the Rise of Microcredit," at the Sept. 30 Human Rights Workshop. https://t.co/m7SxFc7f5m

Schell Center at YLS
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Nov 9

At the Sept. 23 Human Rights Workshop, @moniclesca described the origins of what she considers to be "a deep, profound, almost existential crisis" in Haiti, the government's failure to act, and the coalition-building that has emerged as a result. https://t.co/HiHxAkjUzK