Lowenstein Clinic Reports

(November 2016 | Report)
The Criminalization of Homelessness in Connecticut
Lowenstein Clinic

Persecution of the Rohingya Muslims

(October 2015 | Report)
Is Genocide Occurring in Myanmar's Rakhine State?: A Legal Analysis
Lowenstein Clinic, Justice Project Pakistan


Rayhan Asat, Alfred Brownell, and Mohammad “Musa” Mahmodi at the 2022 Bernstein Symposium

Panelists at the 2022 Bernstein Symposium — from left, Rayhan Asat, Alfred Brownell, and Mohammad “Musa” Mahmodi — spoke about their experiences as human rights advocates in exile.

Bernstein and Robina Fellows

Recipients of 2022-23 Bernstein and Robina International Human Rights Fellowships, clockwise from top left: Yussef Al Tamimi ’22, Rodrigo Ayala Miret ’22, Luke Connell ’22, Jason Gardiner ’22, Megan Hauptman ’21, Tim Hirschel-Burns ’22, and Lena Riemer ’22.

Megan Pearson ’21

Megan Pearson ’21 is a Bernstein Fellow at Accountability Counsel.


Schell Center at YLS
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Jun 8
Robina Fellow @LMichelePaulien has been working at the @JEP_Colombia: "The meaning of these fundamental rights and principles is entirely in the hands of the people on the ground, and this motivates me to fight even harder for them through casework." https://t.co/g76g2xsYlu
Schell Center at YLS
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May 4
"For banks to truly live up to their 'do no harm' mandates, their accountability mechanisms must be part of a rights-based remedial framework," Megan Pearson '21 reflects on her time so far as a Bernstein Fellow @AccountCounsel. https://t.co/YCX2cdmNmH
Schell Center at YLS
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Apr 20
The brief outlines States' obligations to build children's capacities to exercise sexual autonomy by providing educational and health services that address gendered power dynamics. https://t.co/CjIwW0Ssxs