The Orville H. Schell J. Center for International Human Rights coordinates a diverse program of human rights activities, including the Human Rights Workshop, a weekly gathering of students, scholars, and practitioners in the field of human rights.

Background readings are available one week prior to the workshop by emailing

For more information, contact the Schell Center at 203-432-7480.

Upcoming Workshops

September 29 Thursday

Human Rights Workshop: Nosmot Gbadamosi, "China’s Future in Africa in the New Cold War"

12:15PM to 1:30PM


China’s engagement in Africa has ostensibly sought to avoid becoming embroiled in domestic politics while presenting itself as committed to ensuring African prosperity, but that messaging is increasingly harder to maintain. There have been growing calls from African leaders for it to mediate in ongoing conflicts across the Sahel and Ethiopia. Beijing, for the first time, employs a Horn of Africa envoy. 

October 6 Thursday

Human Rights Workshop: Lourdes Rivera ’90, "Beyond Dobbs: Lessons from Abroad for the Fight for Reproductive Rights in the US"

12:15PM to 1:30PM

SLB Room 128

Lourdes Rivera is a leader in the fields of health law and policy, women’s rights, and sexual reproductive health and rights. Lourdes currently serves as the Senior Vice President, U.S. Programs at the Center for Reproductive Rights. She provides vision and guidance to the Center’s legal and policy programs in the U.S., including for strategy development and execution, as well as for building and sustaining national and state partnerships and alliances.

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