Robina Human Rights Initiative

The Robina Human Rights Initiative Endowment provides funding for advocacy, investigation, and scholarship in human rights at Yale Law School. Specifically, the annual income from the Robina Endowment supports:

  1. Financial assistance to YLS students and graduates pursuing careers in human rights, including through academic-year scholarships, summer public interest fellowships, post-graduate fellowships, and law school loan repayment assistance (COAP);
  2. Residencies for visiting human rights faculty, scholars, and practitioners;
  3. Human rights-related research, clinical education, teaching, and programming at YLS, to enable innovation in human rights clinical education and opportunities for students to gain direct human rights investigation and advocacy experience; and
  4. Outreach to the broader Yale community, including support for human rights education and experience for Yale undergraduates.

The Binger Clinical Chair in Human Rights, named for the founder of the Robina Foundation, supports a Yale Law School faculty member who teaches human rights clinics and courses and leads the Robina Human Rights Initiative. The first Binger Clinical Professor of Human Rights is James Silk.