Students can get involved with the Schell Center and human rights at Yale in several ways.

E-mail [email protected] to sign up for our events panlist. 

The Yale Human Rights and Development Journal (YHRDJ) is a student-run annual publication featuring articles addressing a diverse range of issues in human rights and development, particularly tensions and congruencies between them.

The Lowenstein Project is the Law School's student-run extracurricular human rights group, in which small teams of students work on various human rights issues, usually on behalf of, and with guidance from, a human rights or other public interest NGO. 

The Schell Center initiated, sponsors, and manages the undergraduate at Yale College. The Program in Human Rights offers undergraduates the opportunity to explore human rights from an interdisciplinary perspective, providing students with the analytical and practical skills necessary for human rights study and human rights-related careers. The Schell Center also offers students additional academic, summer and post-graduate advising and opportunities to attend human rights-related talks, workshops, symposia, and other events.