Throughout the academic year, LEAP brings thought-provoking visitors to campus from the field of law and beyond. These speakers include lawmakers, scientists, investigative journalists, artists, authors, philosophers, advocates, and scholars who focus in diverse ways on understanding and improving humans’ understanding and treatment of other animals. These leading thinkers and doers visit campus to inspire, deepen, and elevate conversations, and to enrich and inform LEAP’s work. View our past events here.

Upcoming Events

September 2 Wednesday

Shrinking, Gasping, & Disappearing Fish: How climate change & fishing policy impact marine ecosystems and the bold actions needed to protect ocean health

12:15PM to 1:15PM


Beneath the waves, marine ecosystems are suffering. Climate change is making the world’s oceans hotter, more acidic, and less oxygen rich at a time when fish already face warlike industrial overfishing around the globe. Human pressures are causing fisheries to disappear, driving marine animals towards the poles, shrinking the size of fish bodies, fueling cyclones and floods, and shifting currents.

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Recent Events


April 21 Tuesday

Cancelled: "Meat Planet: Artificial Flesh and the Future of Food" with Author Ben Wurgaft


Join the Yale Sustainable Food Program and the Law, Ethics, and Animals Program for a book conversation with Benjamin Wurgaft, author of Meat Planet: Artificial Flesh and the Future of Food. Meat Planet explores the modern quest to generate meat in the lab—a substance sometimes called “cultured meat”—and asks what it means to imagine that this is the fut

April 8 Wednesday

Cancelled: "The Rule of Five: Making Climate History at the Supreme Court" - A Book Talk by Richard Lazarus


Harvard Law Professor Richard Lazarus will speak about his new book, "The Rule of Five: Making Climate History at the Supreme Court" (Harvard University Press, forthcoming March 2020).

March 25 Wednesday

Cancelled: "Environmental Injustice: How Animal Agriculture Destroys Disadvantaged Communities" with Marianne Engelman-Lado


Marianne Engelman-Lado joins us to discuss the environmental destruction caused by factory farms, which disproportionately affects marginalized communities across the country. Engelman-Lado joined Earthjustice in 2010 as Chair of the Environmental Health Practice Group, focusing on toxics, pesticides, waste, the health impacts of industrial agriculture, civil rights enforcement, and the effects of environmental contamination on vulnerable and overburdened populations.

March 3 Tuesday

"The Future of Food: Plant-based and Cultivated Meat" with Annie Osborn

Activists and entrepreneurs alike have touted plant-based and cultivated meat alternatives as breakthrough innovations that will solve many of the problems associated with animal agriculture. Good Food Institute’s Annie Osborn joins us to speak about the current market trends, environmental goals, and legal and policy obstacles faced by the cultivated and plant-based food industry.

February 25 Tuesday

Gene Baur: Changing Hearts and Minds about Food Animals - in conversation with Jonathan Lovvorn

Join the YLS Law, Ethics & Animals Program, the Yale Sustainable Food Project, and the Yale Animal Law Society for a conversation with Gene Baur, President and Co-Founder of Farm Sanctuary.

February 20 Thursday

“Is Meat the New Tobacco? Regulating Food Demand in the Age of Climate Change.” with Lingxi Chenyang '20

In her award-winning essay, Lingxi Chenyang (YLS '20) argues that regulatory strategies that contributed to changing social norms and reducing cigarette smoking could also be effective in reducing meat consumption. Come hear her discuss the essay that won her the inaugural New York University Animal Studies Award.

February 8 Saturday

NDEL Panel: "State and Local Legislation on Food and Climate"

The 10th annual Yale New Directions in Environmental Law Conference will focus on state and local solutions to the climate crisis. As part of the conference, LEAP will host a panel focused on climate change and food systems.

February 7 Friday

"Politics, Policy, and Animals" with Rachel Atcheson

Join Rachel Atcheson for a conversation about her experience working within several local government positions and grassroots activism roles throughout her career as an advocate for animal welfare concerns. As the former Grassroots Director of The Humane League, Rachel was responsible for growing the Campus Outreach program’s growth from 18 to 52 campuses nationwide. She then moved on to work in the New York City Mayor’s Office as the Animal Welfare Liaison, the only position of its kind in the country.

February 4 Tuesday

The Law, Ethics & Animals Program Inaugural Lectures by Dr. Sheila Jasanoff and Dr. Timothy Pachirat

On Tuesday, February 4, 2020, the Yale Law, Ethics & Animals Program Inaugural Lectures will feature lectures by Dr. Sheila Jasanoff and Dr. Timothy Pachirat. The talks will be back-to-back from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm, followed by a reception for faculty, students, friends, and supporters of LEAP from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the Yale Law School Alumni Reading Room.

January 21 Tuesday

"Climate Activism on Trial: Civil Disobedience and the Climate Necessity Defense" with Ted Hamilton

Ted Hamilton will speak about the climate necessity defense, a legal theory put forward by climate activists to justify their acts of civil disobedience. Discussing cases he's worked on with Climate Defense Project — a legal non-profit he founded with two other law school graduates in 2016 — Ted will discuss the political strategy of activist defendants who bring their causes into court. He will also address doctrinal challenges and the place of the climate necessity defense in the broader context of climate law and climate justice mobilization.


Other Events on Campus

The questions animals raise are highly interdisciplinary. Multiple Yale centers and programs are deeply engaged in and regularly host events to do with issues of animal law and ethics. These include:

The Yale Sustainable Foods Project’s Lazarus Events Series invites speakers to campus with a range of perspectives on and theories of food systems change. These guests include practitioners, academics, policymakers, advocates, and activists who generate critical thinking and discussion about food and agriculture, and their relationships to human values, science, and society.

Yale Macmillan Center Program in Agrarian Studies hosts a weekly colloquium organized around an annual theme. Invited specialists send papers in advance that are the focus of organized discussions by the faculty and graduate students associated with the colloquium.

The Environmental Humanities Initiative hosts and promotes campus events featuring humanities, science, and social science scholars focused on raising new research questions and providing fresh ways to approach long-standing issues in the humanities during this moment of profound environmental transformation.

The Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics’s Animal Ethics Study Group sponsors monthly lunch-time seminars and public lectures related to animal ethics issues throughout the academic year. For more information or to be added to their email list for upcoming study group meetings, reach out to