2022-23 Events

2022-23 Speakers Series

"Challenging Carceral Logics" with Lori Gruen, Justin Marceau, Reginald Dwayne Betts ’16, and Michael Braham

Professor Lori Gruen and Professor Justin Marceau discussed their recent volume, Carceral Logics, with Reginald Dwayne Betts (YLS ‘16), Michael Braham, and LEAP Faculty Co-Director Doug Kysar, highlighting the problems with advocating for incarceration as a means of redressing harms to animals.

"Arguing California’s Proposition 12" with Jon Lovvorn, Amy Chyao, Rucha A. Desai, and Brian Frazelle (YLS '10)

In this panel, moderated by LEAP Faculty Co-Director Jon Lovvorn,  three attorneys who filed amicus briefs in the Supreme Court case National Pork Producers Council v. Ross--Amy Chyao, Rucha A. Desai, and Brian Frazelle (YLS ‘10)--explored the far-reaching consequences the case just two days after oral arguments.

"Slaughterhouse Workers, Animals, and the Environment" with Delcianna Winders & Elan Abrell

Professor Delcianna Winders and Professor Elan Abrell spoke with LEAP Senior Litigation Fellow Daina Bray about a rights-centered One Health for slaughterhouse regulation.

"The Legal Status of Nonhuman Animals and Artificial Intelligences" with Jeff Sebo

Professor Jeff Sebo spoke with LEAP Postgraduate Fellow Laurie Sellars about the parallels between humans' use of nonhuman animals and artificial intelligences and the ethical and legal issues arising from the development of potentially conscious artificial minds.

"The Role of Science in Animal Protection Legislation" with Lori Marino

Neuroscientist Lori Marino spoke with LEAP Postgraduate Fellow Laurie Sellars about the foundational role of the science of other animals in legal efforts to protect them.