2021-22 Events

Metazoa: Animal Life and the Birth of the Mind—A book talk with Peter Godfrey-Smith

Philosopher Peter Godfrey-Smith spoke with LEAP Student Fellow Lindsay Stern (PhD ‘23) about his book, Metazoa: Animal Life and the Birth of the Mind

"The Power of Photojournalism in Animal Advocacy" with Jo-Anne McArthur

Jo-Anne McArthur, founder and president of the animal photojournalism agency We Animals Media, spoke with LEAP Student Fellow Manny Rutinel (JD '22) about documenting and sharing images of animals caught up in the human world. Watch the recording.

"Antiracism in Animal Advocacy" with Aryenish Birdie

Aryenish Birdie, founder and executive director of Encompass, spoke with LEAP Faculty Co-Director Jon Lovvorn about racism and inequity in the animal movement and how can mainstream animal advocacy can become a movement by and for people of the global majority. Watch the recording.

"Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Animal Agriculture" with Ben Lilliston

Ben Lilliston, director of rural strategies and climate change at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), spoke with LEAP Student Fellow Caroline Parker (JD '22) about the steps that regulators around the world can take to reduce GHG emissions from animal agriculture that also respect farmers' livelihoods. Watch the recording.

"The ecological risks of deep-sea mining" with Diva Amon, Anela Choy, and Steven Haddock

In this panel, moderated by LEAP Student Fellow Sarah Baldinger (JD '22), three ocean scientists--Dr. Diva Amonn, Dr. Anela Choy, and Dr. Steven Haddock--discussed the risks of planned deep-sea mining operations and how to protect the ecosystems at the bottom of the sea and the vast water column above.

"Animals as Legal Beings" with Maneesha Deckha

Professor Maneesha Deckha, in conversation with LEAP Faculty Co-Director Doug Kysar, explored her work on beingness and other representations of animals in the legal system. Watch the recording.

"Sentience is more complicated than you think" with Dale Jamieson

In this talk, Professor Dale Jamieson discussed why sentience requires more philosophical reflection than it's typically given and how a single-minded concern with sentience obscures other morally relevant features, such as agency. Watch the recording.

"Animals and the Unwritten Constitution" with Jessica Eisen

In this talk, Professor Jessica Eisen explored the possibility that constitutional texts do not tell the whole story: that many jurisdictions embrace unwritten constitutional commitments to the continued use of animals as killable resources. Watch the recording.

"The Quasi-person, Quasi-property Approach to Animal Law" with Angela Fernandez

Professor Angela Fernandez, in conversation with Saylor Soinski (JD ‘23), discussed an alterantive to the traditional legal person-property binary and outlined her quasi-person, quasi-property approach. Watch the recording.

Animal Crisis: A book talk with Lori Gruen and Alice Crary

Professors Alice Crary and Lori Gruen discussed their book, Animal Crisis, and their novel approach to the  argument that “there can be no animal liberation without human emancipation” with LEAP Student Fellow Emma Findlen LeBlanc (JD ’24). Watch the recording.

"Beyond Fossil Law: Climate, Courts, and the Fight for a Sustainable Future" with Ted Hamilton

LEAP Student Fellow Ted Hamilton (PhD ‘22, Comparative Literature) discussed his book, Beyond Fossil Law: Climate, Courts, and the Fight for a Sustainable Future, which chronicles the work of Valve Turners, an American climate activist group that shuttered a tar sands oil pipeline in 2016, along with grassroots climate activism projects around the world. Watch the recording.

Convention on Animal Protection: A Global Treaty for Animal Welfare, Public Health, and the Environment

In this panel, members of the American Bar Association International Animal Law Committee who obtained the passage of the Convention on Animal Protection discussed the proposed draft treaty, including the treaty’s potential to prevent pathogenic spillover and future pandemics. Watch the recording.