LEAP Student Fellows Program

About Student Fellows

Each academic year, the Law, Ethics & Animals Program at Yale Law School selects a small group of Student Fellows, including law students and other Yale graduate and professional school students. The goal of the LEAP Student Fellows Program is to support the academic and professional goals of exceptional Yale students interested in helping animals, to further empower these students to do impactful work while at Yale, and to build a robust community interested in animal law and policy.

During the academic year, Fellows receive support from LEAP faculty and staff to work on their own projects related to animal law, policy, and ethics. Fellows can work on their own project independently or as part of one of LEAP’s courses or initiatives. The projects can take a myriad of different forms, such as academic research; a policy proposal; submission of comments on proposed regulations; an op-ed, short story, or article in the popular press; or another research or creative project of the Fellow’s choosing. Additionally, Fellows participate in the life of the LEAP program in a variety of ways, including helping to organize and set the agenda for events that LEAP hosts during the academic year. Fellows are invited to join dinners and conversations with the visiting experts that LEAP brings to Yale’s campus.

All law students, as well as other Yale graduate and professional school students, are invited to apply in early fall. Interested students should send a resume and a short paragraph of interest to LEAP Executive Director Viveca Morris.

Undergraduate Opportunities

While the LEAP Student Fellow positions are for law and graduate students specifically, Yale undergraduates interested in being involved with LEAP work are welcomed with enthusiasm. There are often opportunities for undergraduates to be part of the LEAP community and to contribute to its initiatives. Interested students should contact LEAP Executive Director Viveca Morris to inquire about opportunities to be involved.