About Us

The Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy at Yale Law School is the first of its kind to focus on the intersection of law and the governance, practice, and business of health care. The Center brings together leading experts and practitioners from the public and private sectors to address cutting-edge questions of health law and policy, and to train the next generation of top health lawyers, industry leaders, policymakers, and academics.

The Center was established to meet a critical need for a new academic and legal-professional discipline that responds to the rapidly evolving environment of health care and its centrality in the nation’s economy and government. “Health law” as a field of study in law schools is a relatively new concept; it has yet to be embraced within the field of “public law,” alongside similar disciplines like labor law and environmental law. Among the few health law centers at U.S. law schools, the Solomon Center is unique in its focus on the government’s role in health care as well as health care business and physicians and scientists themselves. The Solomon Center distinguishes itself by doing what Yale does best: focusing on law as a tool to affect governance, industry, and the academy at the highest levels.

The Center’s programming includes many course offerings, both academic and experiential; career planning; academic research, policy work and litigation briefs; and numerous high profile panels and conferences that bring academic, government, and business leaders in health care to the Law School. We host a steady stream of academic visitors from all disciplines to enrich our programming and course offers, and we actively support student research, field work, and publications. Our work is highly interdisciplinary. Building on established relationships with the Yale School of Medicine, Yale Cancer Center, Yale-New Haven Hospital, Yale School of Management, and Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics, the Center brings together all that Yale has to offer to make a difference both at Yale and beyond.

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If you are interested in learning more about the Solomon Center’s projects, future events, joining our alumni network, or connecting with us about our work, please feel free to email us at health.law@yale.edu.

For the latest news, follow us on Twitter @SolomonCtrYLS.