Brain Injury Project

The Center has partnered with the Consortium for the Advanced Study of Brain Injury (CASBI) at Weill Cornell Medical College, which seeks to understand mechanisms of recovery following severe brain injuries and to develop novel therapeutic interventions and strategies. Through translational research and public policy engagement, CASBI works to affirm the rights of individuals with brain injury and overcome the scientific and societal barriers that can limit their maximal integration into our society. Dr. Joseph J. Fins, the co-director of CASBI, is a Visiting Professor in Law and scholar in residence at the Center and collaborates with students and faculty to explore the impact that law and health policies have on this vulnerable population. The development of this project is further described at Solomon Center's CASBI@YLS. For 2016-18, Megan Wright (YLS '16) served as a research fellow and senior advisor on this project. The current CASBI fellow and senior advisor is Zachary E. Shapiro.

Publications that have resulted from this collaboration include:

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