Courses in Law & Health

The Law School offers a health law overview course as well as important supporting classes such as Administrative Law, Legislation, Introduction to the Regulatory State, Intellectual Property, and Antitrust. New health-related lecture and seminar courses are introduced every year by the faculty. Recent examples include:

Bioethics and Law
Comparative Consumer and Products Liability Law
Drugs and the Criminal Law
Drug Product Liability Litigation
[The] Engineering and Ownership of Life
Food and Drug Administration Law
Food Law
Global Health, Politics & Economics
Guns in America
Health and Food Law Scholarship Workshop
Health Law
Law and the American Health Care System

Law and the Opioid Crisis
Legal and Medical Professions
Markets, Morals and the Law (the NHS)
Marriage and the State
Medical-Legal Partnership Seminar 
Mental Health and Disability Law
Public Benefits Law and Antipoverty Policy
Public Health Law
Regulating Sexuality: Legal and Psychological Perspectives
Regulation and Institutional Design
Sexuality, Health, and Human Rights
Theories of Sexuality, Gender, and the Law

Outside the Law School

The Law School’s commitment to interdisciplinary studies, and to allowing students to craft their own education, means that law students at Yale have unusual freedom to select their courses and to cross-register for classes outside the Law School. Students may choose among dozens of courses in the School of Public Health, the School of Management, and Yale College on topics such as health policy, health care economics, hospital management, and epidemiology.