The Law and Policy of AI, Robotics, and Telemedicine in Health Care


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On November 2, 2018, the Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy at Yale Law School and the Information Society Project co-hosted a cutting-edge interdisciplinary roundtable exploring "The Law and Policy of AI, Robotics, and Telemedicine in Health Care." The roundtable brought together thirty leading academics, lawyers, physicians, policy makers, and health technology entrepreneurs to explore how novel technologies are revolutionizing health care, reshaping what it means to practice medicine, challenging existing regulatory schemes, and informing norms about patient information, data, and privacy. The event attracted an audience of more than 150 guests and featured five panel discussions: "The Need for New Regulation: Privacy Law, the FDA, and Beyond," "Big Data in Health Care: Challenges, Biases, and Benefits," "Keynote Panel: Business Leaders and Physicians Putting New Technologies into Action," "Expanding Care to New Populations: The Promises and Perils of New Technology," and "AI, Robots, and the Practice of Medicine." See here for more coverage of the roundtable.


Sponsored by: 

The Oscar M. Ruebhausen Fund at Yale Law School


8:15-8:45                     Breakfast and Registration

8:45-8:50                     Welcome

8:50 - 9:00                   Opening Remarks, Dr. Harlan Krumholz

9:00-10:15                   Panel: The Need for New Regulation: Privacy Law, the FDA, and Beyond

10:15-10:30                 Morning Coffee Break

10:30-11:45                 Panel: Big Data in Health Care: Challenges, Biases, and Benefits

11:45-1:00                   Lunch

1:00-2:20                     Keynote Panel: Entrepreneurs, Physicians, and Insurers on putting AI into Action

2:20-3:30                     Panel: Expanding Care to New Populations: The Promises and Perils of New Technology

3:30-3:45                     Afternoon Coffee Break

3:45-5:00                     Panel: AI, Robotics, and the Practice of Medicine

5:00-6:00                     Closing reception

Roundtable Panelists

Lori Andrews, JD: Director of the Institute for Science, Law and Technology and Distinguished Professor of Law, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Jack Balkin, JD: Knight Professor of Law and the First Amendment, Director, Information Society Project, Yale Law School

Mark Barnes, JD; Partner, Ropes & Gray

Valarie Blake, JD, MA: Associate Professor of Law, West Virginia University School of Law

Nathan Cortez, JD: Professor of Law, Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law

Barbara Evans, PHD, JD, LLM:  Professor of Law, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Director of Center for Biotechnology & Law, University of Houston

Eric Fish, JD: Senior Vice President, Legal Services, Federation of State Medical Boards

Brett Friedman, JD: Partner, Ropes & Gray

Michael Froomkin, M.Phil, JD: Professor of Law, University of Miami School of Law

Abbe Gluck, JD: Professor of Law and Faculty Director, Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy, Yale Law School

Ariella Golomb, MD: Managing Director, InnovaHealth Partners, LP, and HealthpointCapital

Amar Gupta, PhD: Principal Investigator & Coordinator of Telemedicine and Telehealth Initiatives, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Claudia Haupt, LLB, PhD, LLM, JSD: Associate Professor of Law & Political Science, Northeastern University

Sharona Hoffman, JD, LLM, SJD: Professor of Law, Professor of Bioethics, Co-Director of the Law-Medicine Center, Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Bonnie Kaplan, PhD, FACMI: Lecturer, Yale Center for Medical Informatics; Faculty, Program on Biomedical Ethics; Scholar, Yale Bioethics Center; Fellow, Information Society Project and Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy, Yale Law School

Fazal Khan, MD, JD:  Associate Professor of Law, University of Georgia School of Law

Oliver Kim, JD: Principal, Mousetrap Consulting; Adjunct Professor, University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Ian Kerr, PhD, LLB, MA: Canada Chair Ethics, Law & Technology and Professor of Law, University of Ottawa

Katherine Kraschel, JD: Lecturer in Law, Clinical Lecturer in Law and Executive Director, Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy at Yale Law School

Harlan Krumholz, MD, SM: Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), Professor of Investigative Medicine and Public Health, Yale Medical School; Director, Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation, Yale-New Haven Hospital

Wei Li, MD, MPH, FACS: Associate Professor of Surgery, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Mason Marks, MD, JD: Fellow, New York University School of Law; Research Fellow, Information Society Project at Yale Law School

Richard Migliori, MD: Chief Medical Officer, UnitedHealth Group

Frank Pasquale, JD, MPhil: Professor of Law, University of Maryland School of Law

Nicholson Price, PhD, JD: Assistant Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School

Sherri Rose, PhD: Associate Professor (Department of Health Care Policy), Harvard Medical School

Bill Sage, MD, JD: James R. Dougherty Chair for Faculty Excellence, University of Texas at Austin School of Law; Professor (Department of Surgery and Perioperative Care), University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School

Neel Shah, MD: Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Reproductive Biology, Harvard Medical School; Director, Delivery Decisions Initiative, Ariadne Labs; Founder & Executive Director, Costs of Care

Sumanth Swaminathan, PhD: Chief Data Scientist, Revon Systems

Cara Tenenbaum, MBA, JD: Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Center Director, CDHR, U.S. Food and Drug Administration 

Nicolas Terry, LLM: Professor of Law and Executive Director of the William S. and Christine S. Hall Center for Law and Health, Indiana University School of Law

Paul Tongsy, RN, CCRN: Masters in Legal Studies Candidate, Loyola Law School

Henry Wei, MD: Medical Benefits Officer, Google

Roundtable Blog

In the lead-up to the roundtable, the legal blog Balkinization posted essays by roundtable participants on how Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and telemedicine are changing health care. Check out the symposium blog collection on Balkinization to get a sense for  some of the exciting issues explored on November 2nd.