The Internationalists: How a Radical Plan to Outlaw War Remade the World

(September 12, 2017 | Book)
Oona Hathaway, Scott Shapiro


Ensuring Responsibility: Common Article 1 and State Responsibility for Non-State Actors

(2017 | Journal Article)
Emily Chertoff, Lara Domínguez, Zachary Manfredi,Peter Tzeng


Consent is Not Enough: Why States Must Respect the Intensity Threshold in Transnational Conflict

(2016 | Journal Article)
Rebecca Crootof, Daniel Hessel, Julia Shu, Sarah Weiner


Violence in Cyberspace: Are Disruptive Cyberspace Operations Legal under International Humanitarian Law?

(March 3, 2017 | Op-Ed)
Ido Kilovaty


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Jan 15

Today at 4:15 pm! Hear @philippesands discuss the surprising connections in the lives of two giants of international criminal law @YaleLawSch. #EastWestStreet

Yale Law GLC
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Jan 12

Jan. 15: Join @philippesands for a discussion of his gripping book #EastWestStreet describing the lives of the two men who developed the terms "genocide" and "crimes against humanity." Hosted by @YaleLawGLC and @YaleLawSch Legal History Forum

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Nov 14

TODAY at 12:10 pm: Join @YaleLawGLC for a conversation with @CurtisBradley20, @jacklgoldsmith, & @oonahathaway on the Trump administration and international law @YaleLawSch. Details: