What We Do

The Paul Tsai China Center is an innovative institution committed to independent analysis and real-world action on issues at the forefront of U.S.-China relations and Chinese law and policy. Our work engages leading experts from China, the United States, and other countries — including distinguished current and former government officials, scholars, and practitioners — to participate in research, dialogue, and advocacy aimed at having a positive, practical impact. We are committed to training the next generation of leaders through teaching and engaging Yale Law School students in all aspects of the Center’s work. 

Examples of recent and ongoing Center projects and dialogue mechanisms include:
  • U.S.-China Strategic-Level Track II Dialogue
  • U.S.-China Student-to-Student Dialogue on the Future of U.S.-China Relations
  • U.S.-China Student Exchange on Law and Technology
  • Trans-Atlantic Track 1.5 Dialogues on Policy Toward China
  • U.S.-China Workshops on Judicial and Legislative Review Mechanisms
  • U.S.-China Dialogues on Data Governance and Cybersecurity Policy
  • Summit on Women in Technology
  • Comparative Analysis of Workplace Anti-Sexual Harassment Policies
  • Comparative Study and Pilot Programs on Mental Health Law and Crisis Intervention Policies
  • Research Program on Parental and Guardianship Rights of LGBT People
  • Research on the Belt and Road Initiative and China’s Role in the International Legal Order
  • Comparative Study on Governance of Algorithms: Healthcare, Autonomous Vehicles, and AI Ethics
  • Research Program on Science & Technology Policy and the Future of U.S.-China Relations
  • Comparative Workshops on Children and the Law: Juvenile Justice and Child Protection
  • Track 1.5 Dialogues on Artificial Intelligence and International Security: Governance of Autonomous Weapons
  • Research and Dialogues on Law of the Sea, Maritime Disputes, and U.S.-China Relations
  • Comparative Study of Administrative Law Judges and Intra-Agency Adjudication
  • Research and Dialogues on U.S.-China Crisis Management and Risk Reduction
  • Workshops on Judicial Reasoning, Transparency, and Uniformity of Court Decisions
  • Research and Dialogues on Administrative Enforcement and Government Transparency
  • Comparative Research and Workshops on Public Interest Lawyering and Legal Ethics

Student Program

The Paul Tsai China Center has a robust Student Program that involves Yale Law School students in all of our work and provides broad opportunities for students to develop their own projects, events, and activities.

Examples of recent and ongoing courses and educational programs at Yale Law School include: 
  • Contemporary China and U.S.-China Relations: Research Seminar
  • U.S. Foreign Policy and the Law
  • The Future of Human Rights
  • Law and U.S.-China Relations
  • Special Project: Next-Generation Perspectives on the Future of U.S.-China Relations
  • The Future of U.S.-China Climate Cooperation
  • Criminalizing China: Assessing the Department of Justice’s China Initiative
  • Assessing the Xinjiang Crisis and U.S. Human Rights Policy Toward China
  • What Does the Hong Kong National Security Law Mean for Hong Kong’s Future?
  • U.S.-China Relations in the Era of COVID-19
  • Poynter Fellowship Series: China, Media, and Tech  

Tour our website to learn more about the work of the Center and ways to get involved.