2012 - 2013 Schedule

2012 - 2013 Schedule

January 22: Professor Paul Gewirtz: “Introduction to Workshop

January 29: Cheng Li, Director of Research and Senior Fellow, John L. Thornton China Center, Brookings Institution: “China’s New Leadership and Political Trajectory”

February 5: Henry Levine, Senior Director, Albright Stonebridge Group, former U.S. Consul General, Shanghai, China: “U.S.-China Economic Relations: Trends and Implications"

February 12: (Re-scheduled to February 19)

February 19: Zhou Dan, Public Interest Lawyer and Founder, Yu Dan Public Interest Law Firm: “Love of Comrades: Legal Advocacy for Gay Rights in China”

*February 22: (Friday, 2:10-4:00pm) Chen Guangcheng, Chinese Human Rights Advocate, with Jerome A. Cohen, Professor, New York University Law School, Director, US-Asia Law Institute, and Ira Belkin, Executive Director, NYU US-Asia Law Institute: “Criminal Justice in China: Three Perspectives”

February 25 (Optional): (Monday, 12:10-1:30pm, room 121) Wang Xixin, Professor, Peking University Law School, “The Reform of Administrative Law in China” (to be confirmed)February 26: Alex Wang, Visiting Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley School of Law: “In Search of Sustainable Legitimacy: Environmental Law and Bureaucracy in China”

March 5: Carl Minzner, Associate Professor, Fordham Law School: “What Direction for Legal Reform in China?”

*March 12: CLASS MOVED TO MARCH 13 and March 14, 4:10-5:30pm

*March 13 (Optional): (Wednesday, 4:10-5:30pm) Ambassador Wu Jianmin, Vice-Chairman, China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy, former Chinese Ambassador to France, President, China Foreign Affairs University: “U.S.-China Relations: A Chinese Perspective” (to be confirmed)

*March 14: (Thursday, 4:10-5:30pm) Ambassador Stapleton Roy, Former U.S. Ambassador to China, Indonesia and Singapore, currently Vice-Chair Kissinger Associates and Director, Kissinger Institute on China and the United States: “U.S.-China Relations: A United States Perspective”

March 19: NO CLASS – Spring Recess

March 26: Jamie P. Horsley, Executive Director, The China Law Center, Yale Law School, “A New Governance Model for China: The Development of Open and Participatory Government Decision-making”April 2: Donald C. Clarke, David Weaver Research Professor of Law, George Washington University Law School: “Urban Real Estate Law in China”

April 9: Margaret Woo, Professor of Law, Northeastern University School of Law: “Chinese Justice: Civil Dispute Resolution in Contemporary China”

April 16 (Optional): Yi Yanyou, Professor of Criminal Law, Tsinghua University Law School, “Reform of Re-education Through Labor”

April 23: Entire Workshop, “The Future of Chinese Legal Reform”