2005 - 2006 Schedule

2005 - 2006 Schedule

Fall 2005 Semester

September 6: Introduction (Paul Gewirtz, Jamie Horsley and Jeffrey Prescott, The China Law Center)

September 13:  Jamie Horsley, Deputy Director, The China Law Center: “Open Information and Governance Reform in China”

September 20:  Chief Justice Andrew Li, Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal: “‘One Country, Two Systems’ After Eight Years”

September 27:   Henry Levine, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce; former U.S. Consul-General, Shanghai: "China, Market Access, and WTO Rules"

October 4:   Bates Gill, Freeman Chair in Chinese Studies, Center for Strategic and International Studies: “China’s HIV/AIDs Crisis: Sociopolitical Challenges and Policy Responses”

October 11:  Keith Hand, Senior Fellow, The China Law Center (as of October 1), and former Senior Counsel, Congressional-Executive Commission on China: “Recent Wrongful Conviction Cases in China and Their Impact on Criminal Justice Reform”

October 18:  Mary Gallagher, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan: “Mobilizing the Law in China”

November 1:   Carl Minzner, Senior Counsel, Congressional-Executive Commission on China: “Xinfang: ‘Letters and Visits’ As an Alternative to the Formal Legal System”

November 8: Kevin J. O’Brien, Professor of Political Science and Chair, Center for Chinese Studies, University of California at Berkeley: “Rightful Resistance in Rural China” [postponed to 2006]

November 15:  Wang Juntao, Political Science Department, Columbia University: “The Future of Political Reform in China”

November 29:  Jerome Cohen, Professor of Law, NYU Law School:  “Law and Political Transitions: Lessons from East Asia and the Road Ahead for China”

December 6:  Neysun Mahboubi, Fellow, The China Law Center: "Administrative Law and Political Reform in China"

December 13: Benjamin Read, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Iowa: “China's Homeowners' Organizations”

Spring 2006 Semester

January 24:  Introduction to Workshop and The China Law Center, Paul Gewirtz, Jamie Horsley, and Keith Hand

January 31:  Professor Roderick MacFarquhar, Harvard University Department of Government, “China: Lost in Transition”

February 7:   Professor Benjamin Liebman, Columbia University Law School, “Judges Becoming Judges? Judicial Innovation in China”

February 10: Professor Kevin O’Brien, University of California at Berkeley, Professor of Political Science and Chair, Center for Chinese Studies, “Rightful Resistance in China.”  

February 21:   Ambassador Stapleton Roy (former U.S. Ambassador to China and Indonesia), currently Managing Director, Kissinger Associates, Inc., “China's Rise: Implications for US-China Relations.”

February 28: Professor Cheng Li, Hamilton College Department of Government, “Hu’s Choice: Populism or Constitutionalism?”

March 7:  Patrick Norton, Esq., Partner, O’Melveny & Myers, “The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Minefield for U.S. Companies in China”

March 21:   Dr. Murray Scot Tanner, The RAND Corporation, “China’s Law Enforcement System and its Impact on Prospects for Rule by Law”

March 28:  Dr. Albert Keidel, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, “China’s 30 Years of Boom and Bust – Privilege Meets Productivity”

April 4:  Professor Donald Clarke, George Washington University School of Law, “China’s New Securities Law”

April 11:  Professor and Vice Dean Wang Xixin, Peking University Law School, “Recent Developments in Administrative Law in China”

April 18: Kevin Czinger (YLS ‘87) Partner, San Shan, “Investing in China’s Regulated Industries”

April 25:  Professor Fu Hualing, the University of Hong Kong, Visiting Professor at the University of Washington School of Law (2006), “The Myth of Prosecuted Lawyers”

May 2: Keith Hand, Senior Fellow and Lecturer in Law, Yale Law School, “Using a Law for a Righteous Purpose: The Sun Zhigang Incident and Evolving Forms of Citizen Action in the People’s Republic of China”