2013 - 2014 Schedule

2013 - 2014 Schedule

Spring 2014 Semester

January 21: Introduction to Workshop

January 28: Jerome A. Cohen, Professor, New York University Law School, Director, U.S.-Asia Law Institute: “China, Law, and the World”

February 4: David Dollar, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution: “China’s Rebalancing: Lessons from East Asian Economic History”

February 11: Zhang Qianfan, Professor, Peking University Law School: “Two Paths of China’s Constitutionalism and Their Limits”

February 18: Zhang Qianfan, Professor, Peking University Law School: “The Constitutional Origin of Land Grab in China”

February 26: Ambassador Wu Jianmin, Vice-Chairman, China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy, former Chinese Ambassador to France, President, China Foreign Affairs University: “U.S.-China Relations: A Chinese Perspective”

March 4: Nicholas Bequelin, Senior Researcher, Asia Division, Human Rights Watch: “China: Who is Right about Human Rights?”

March 11: Richard McGregor, Washington Bureau Chief, Financial Times, and author, The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers

March 18: NO CLASS – Spring Recess

March 25: NO CLASS

April 1: Benjamin Liebman, Robert L. Lieff Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Chinese Legal Studies, Columbia University Law School: “Leniency in Chinese Criminal Law? Everyday Justice in Henan”

April 8: Jeremy Daum, Senior Fellow of the China Law Center (Beijing Office): “Protecting Juveniles and the Mentally Ill in China’s Criminal Justice System”

April 15: Mark Wu, Assistant Professor, Harvard Law School: “Toward a Theory of Chinese Trade Breaches”

April 16: Susan-Rose Ackerman, Henry R. Luce Professor of Jurisprudence, Yale Law School: “Corruption in Chinese Healthcare: Are Multinationals Especially Vulnerable?”

April 22: Final Class – Film Screening: A Touch of Sin (directed by Jia Zhangke)