2007 - 2008 Schedule

2007 - 2008 Schedule

Fall 2007 Semester

September 10:  Introduction to the Workshop

September 17:  Preston Torbert, Partner, Baker & McKenzie, “American Corporate Compliance Meets Chinese Corporate Governance: Lessons in Applied Comparative Law”

September 24:  Dr. Yasheng Huang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Entrepreneurship in China and Private Sector Development”

October 1:  Dr. Yang Guohua, Counselor for Intellectual Property, Chinese Embassy to the United States, “Understanding IP Protection in China”

October 8:  Christina Ho, Country Director, Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative China Program, “'Technical Assistance in China's Health Care System: Lessons from the Clinton Foundation and Implications for Administrative Reform and Development”

October 15:  Professor Kang Zhengguo, Senior Lector of Chinese, Yale University East Asian Languages and Literatures Department, “Confessions: An Innocent Life in Communist China”

October 22:  NO CLASS - Fly-back week

October 29:  Donald Clarke, George Washington University Law School, “The Institutional Environment of Chinese Corporate Governance”

November 5:  Jerome Cohen, Professor, NYU School of Law, “The Struggle for Criminal Justice in Taiwan and the Mainland”

November 15: (Thursday):  Ambassador Clark T. Randt, U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, “Rule of Law in China and the Critical Role of the United States Embassy’s Rule of Law Advisor”

November 19:  Natalie Lichtenstein, “The Role of Law in China's Economic Development”

November 26:  Ethan Michelson, Sociology Department, Indiana University, “The Role of Lawyers in Chinese Legal Reform”

December 3:  Pu Zhiqiang, Partner, Beijing Huayi Lawyers, “Media, Expression, and Law in China: Recent Developments”

December 10:  Neysun Mahboubi, “Suing Government in China”

December 17:  Last Class: Teng Biao, China University of Political Science and Law, “Revisions to the Lawyer's Law and Legal Practice in China”