Yale Law School students can apply to be Student Fellows, collaborating with China Center staff on a variety of legal reform and U.S.–China relations projects in cooperation with leading scholars, lawyers, officials, and other advocates in China. Contact us to learn more.


Paul Tsai China Center Student Board (2020-21):


Student Directors

Ricky Altieri 

Ben Della Rocca


Chair of Special Projects

Lorand Laskai


Chairs of Events

Ya Sheng Lin

Randi Michel

Nicole Ng


Chairs of Communications and Outreach

Fan Guo

Brian Kim

Yun Ling


Executive Advisor

Preston Lim 

Lawrence Liu


Additional Student Fellows (2020-21):

Matei Alexianu 

Abby Lemert

Andrew Miner 

Nick Pellitta 

Jed Rothstein 

Eleanor Runde

Aaron Xiao Sobel  

Angela Lulu Zhang