2008 - 2009 Schedule

2008 - 2009 Schedule

Spring 2009 Semester

January 27: Introduction to the Workshop, Paul Gewirtz, Jamie Horsley & Jeffrey Prescott

February 3: Jerome Cohen, Professor, New York University Law School and Co-Director, NYU's US-Asia Law Institute: “Legal Controls on Police Power to Detain: Recent Experience from China and Taiwan”

February 10: Cheng Li, Senior Fellow, Brooking Institution’s John L. Thornton China Center and Professor, Hamilton College: “China’s Emerging Generation of Leaders: Trajectory for the Future”

February 17: Benjamin Liebman, Professor, Columbia University Law School: “Return to Populist Legality? Historical Legacies and Legal Reform”

February 24: Daniel H. Rosen, Professor, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, & Visiting Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics, “What Just Happened to China’s Economy, and What Will It Look Like in 10 Years?”

March 3: Nicholas C. Howson, Professor, University of Michigan Law School: “Competence, Autonomy and Independence - CompanMarch 10: Wang Chenguang, Professor, Tsinghua University Law School: “30 Years Journey Toward Rule of Law in China”


March 24: Deborah Davis, Professor of Sociology, Yale University, "Conjugal Property Rights in Post-Socialist China"

March 31: Teemu Ruskola, Professor, Emory Law School and Law and Public Affairs Fellow, Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton University: “China, For Example: China and the Making of Modern International Law”

April 7: William C. Kirby, Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and of China Studies at Harvard University: “Chinese Universities in the 21st Century: Challenges for Professional and Liberal Education”

April 14: Yasheng Huang, Associate Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management: “Rethinking Reforms in China”

April 24: SPECIAL PROGRAM (Friday, April 24, instead of Tuesday, April 21): Sentencing Reform in China, with Chen Ruihua, Professor, Peking University Law School, and 4 judges undertaking pilot experiments in sentencing reform in China

April 28: John Kamm, Executive Director, The Dui Hua Foundation: “Issues and Cases: A Dialogue with China on Human Rights”y Law Adjudication in the Shanghai Courts 1992-2008”

May 5: Wang Xixin, Professor, Peking University Law School: “Creating Administrative Law in China” (class cancelled)

Fall 2008 Semester

September 9:  Jeffrey Prescott, Deputy Director, The China law Center, “Public Interest Law in Post-Olympic China”

September 16:  Orville Schell, Director, Asia Society Center on U.S.-China Relations, “China and Climate Change”

September 23:  Carl Minzner, Professor, Washington University Law School, “Cadre Responsibility Systems: Legalist Core of Chinese Governance”

September 30:  Jacques DeLisle, Professor, University of Pennsylvania Law School, “Legalization without Democratization”

October 7:  Allison Moore, Vietnam Country Director, American Bar Association, “Comparing Legal Reform in China and Vietnam”

October 14:  Tong Lihua, Director, Beijing Children’s Legal Aid and Research Center and Beijing Legal Aid Working Station for Migrant Workers, “Public Interest Law in China: A Practitioner's Perspective”

October 21:  NO CLASS October 28:  Joseph Fewsmith, Professor, Boston University, "Innovation and Institutionalization in Local Government"

November 3:  SPECIAL PROGRAM IN LIEU OF NOVEMBER 4 CLASS: Ma Jun, “The Role of NGOs in Shaping China’s Green Practice and Environmental Policy,” 2:30-5:30 PM, FES, Bowers Auditorium, 205 Prospect St. (attendance recommended but not required)

November 11:  Dr. Jingxia Shi, Professor of Law, China University of International Business & Economics (UIBE), "An Insider's View on China's Enterprise Bankruptcy: Legislation, Implementation, and Problems"

November 18:  Ambassador Stapleton Roy, Director, Kissinger Institute on China and the United States; Senior Adviser, Kissinger Associates, “Reflections on 30 Years of Reform and Openness, Thoughts on the Next Thirty”

November 25:  Zhang Jingjing, Director of Litigation, Center for Legal Assistance to Pollution Victims, “Water Pollution and Environmental Practice in China”

December 2:  Henry Levine, Senior Vice President, Stonebridge International, and former U.S. Consul General, Shanghai, China, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Asia, “China, Market Access, and WTO Rules”

December 9:  Douglas Paal, Vice President for Studies, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and former Director, American Institute in Taiwan (2002-2006), “Institutionalizing Democracy in Taiwan”

December 16:  Alex Wang, Director, China Environmental Law Project, Natural Resources Defense Council, “Fixing China's Environmental Governance"