Public Participation in China

Over the past two decades, Chinese leaders and legal scholars have come to recognize that achieving rational and effective regulation in a rapidly changing modern society requires opening up China’s lawmaking and regulatory processes to a far greater degree than ever was the case during China’s long history. Public participation – through public hearings and open meetings, publication of draft laws, rules and policies for public comment and other means – is now increasingly recognized to be an important mechanism for gathering the information and expertise on which rational regulation is based and for gaining public acceptance of and compliance with new laws and regulatory decisions.

As part of The China Law Center’s ongoing research and cooperative work in the area of administrative law and regulatory reform, this site is designed to share information both about the development of public participation in China and international practice and experience that may be of relevance to China’s quest to promote greater citizen participation in and openness of government affairs, as well as government “administration in accordance with the law.”

Chinese Law and Policy on Public Participation

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Guangzhou Municipal Measures on Public Participation in Formulating Rules, revised and effective December 1, 2010 (Chinese)

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Articles on Public Participation in China

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Materials on Public Participation in the United States and Around the World

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Relevant Websites

Carter Center, China Transparency.org, http://www.chinatransparency.org (in Chinese)

Center for Public Participation Studies and Supports, Public Participation Website, Professor Wang Xixin, Peking University Law School, http://www.cppss.cn (in Chinese) 

China State Council Office of Legislative Affairs Website, http://www.chinalaw.gov.cn

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the China Environmental Culture Promotion Association (CECPA), Greenlaw website, http://www.greenlaw.org.cn (Chinese) and http://www.greenlaw.org.cn/enblog (English)