The following opportunities are available to all Yale undergraduates, not only those interested in or eligible for the Multidisciplinary Academic Program.

Join the Human Rights EliList:

To receive information about human rights at Yale, join the humanrightsatyale EliList. To publicize an event related to human rights, send an email directly to humanrightsatyale[at]

Attend Events at the Schell Center:

The Orville H. Schell, Jr. Center for International Human Rights at Yale Law School organizes open events on a wide range of human rights issues throughout the year. Undergraduates are welcome to attend the biweekly Human Rights Workshop as well as other events. Email if you would like to be added to the email list for announcements about upcoming events.

Collaborate with the Schell Center:

The Schell Center offers support to undergraduate groups for events and activities related to human rights. Support can take the form of providing limited funding, suggesting and connecting groups to relevant speakers, and publicizing events. If you are the head of an undergraduate group interested in collaborating with the Schell Center, email Schell Center Undergraduate Assistant Larissa Jimenez at

Obtain Summer Funding for Human Rights Work:

See here for a list of Yale fellowships that may be applicable to research, projects, or internships related to human rights.

Schell Center Human Rights Mentorship Program:

The Human Rights Mentorship Program pairs students from Yale Law School and other graduate school programs with Yale undergraduates passionate about human rights issues. In the past, we have placed an emphasis on connecting undergraduates interested in studying law and gaining exposure to human rights law, and the Mentorship Program is a way for undergraduates to clarify their interests and get information and advice about the kinds of opportunities that are available. This year, we are also interested in getting graduate students interested in or working on human rights issues in a variety of fields, so as to bring a greater diversity of undergraduate and graduate students together.

If you are an undergraduate student interested in human rights, and considering pursuing that interest through law, policy, international relations, or another field, the Human Rights Mentorship Program offers an opportunity for you to get to know a Yale graduate student involved in human rights work. 

Note: Check back soon for updated information on our Mentorship Program.

Career Events for Undergraduates

In past years, the Schell Center for International Human Rights has held events for undergraduates interested in human rights careers. Events typically feature panels of recent graduates who have pursued human rights careers. To make sure you are aware of any events related to human rights careers, join our EliList (above).