Governing Conversations // Platform Governance: Equity and Accountability

Feb. 23, 2022
2:00PM - 3:00PM
Open to the Public

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There is a crisis of accountability not just in platform governance in particular, but within platforms in general. Several waves of purported silver bullets, be they through technology, humanity, or ethics, have failed to bring about a true overhaul of the problematic systems in question, offering fleeting small victories instead. How does equity go beyond a performative structure? Can a different way of conceptualizing technology bring about a better environment? Do governance scholars have a responsibility for previous failures?

Elettra Bietti, Visiting Fellow, Yale Law ISP

Ettienne Toussaint, Assistant Professor of Law, University of South Carolina
Fanny Hidvegi, Europe Policy Manager, Access Now
Achuta Kadambi, Assistant Professor of Engineering, UCLA

Co-created by the Digital Interests Lab at NYU, and the Information Society Project at Yale Law School, the Governing Conversations series aims to provide scholars in the field and interested audiences alike a time for genuine reflection and critical perspectives, without the need for a connection to recent events, or academic presentations. 

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