Wellness at Yale Law School


At Yale Law School, we care deeply about our students thriving individually and collectively. As a small community of about 650 students, it’s important that everyone feels known, seen and supported. 

YLS promotes mental health and wellness in a number of ways: regular meditations (some led by faculty); social events; small group “circles” for incoming students; workshops on stress, grief, time management, sleep hygiene and more! Beyond YLS, the Yale Campus and New Haven community offer a plethora of options for feeling whole and well.

The Office of Student Affairs 

If unsure where to begin, contact the Office of Student Affairs, or make an appointment. Dean Cosgrove, Director Chloe Bush, Associate Director of Diversity Equity and Inclusion Yaseen Eldik and Assistant Director Cat Kirchooff are available to meet with you for personal and academic advising throughout the semester. E-mail us at osa@yale.edu.

Wellness Counselor

You can also meet with our dedicated full-time non-clinical wellness counselor, Catherine Khang Banson. Catherine can work with you to meet your needs and address any concerns you have while perseving your privacy and confidentiality. You may schedule a meeting with Catherine Banson here.

ABA Mental Health Week - Fall 2020

The ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs (CoLAP) Law School Committee and the ABA Law Student Division are partners in the annual Law Student Mental Health Day on October 10. 2020 has been a year filled with challenges and stresses, and yet opportunities for us to recommit to our personal well-being remain.

We are offering several programs and this week, both from OSA and nationally from the ABA.

Monday, October 5th 

Cognitive Reset: Grace Trail 

Balancing wellbeing, resilience and performance. The Grace Trail is a simple five-step resiliency process that begins with gratitude and ends with hope. ‘GRACE’ is an acronym for the five steps: Gratitude, Release, Accept, Challenge, Embrace.

Tuesday, October 6th 

Weekly Meditation with Professor Listokin

Join Professor Listokin for a five-minute meditation every Tuesday.


Wednesday, October 7th

Midweek Pick-Me-Up

Grab a face mask and a mini mindfulness coloring book during the lunch hour to-go.


Color and De-stress

Drop-in and take some time to recharge through conversation and coloring.

Thursday, October 8th

HIIT Workout

Do you want to stay active, have fun, and really break a sweat? Join Woodbridge Fellow Alexa Vaghenas for a high-energy High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout! 


Exploring the Intersection Between Racial Justice, Social Activism and Mental Health

Professor Rhonda Magee, Author of The Inner Work of Racial Justice: Healing Ourselves and Transforming Our Communities Through Mindfulness.


Finding Balance: A Weekly Meditation Series

Join Wellness Counselor, Catherine Banson, for a fifteen minute guided meditation every Thursday. 



Weekly Functional Fitness Class

Join Professor Ian Ayres for a weekly workout. All levels of experience are welcome, but for some classes you will need an item to lift with one hand. 

Friday, October 9th

National ABA Workshop

National Workshop with the ABA Law Student Division to discuss practical strategies that law students can undertake in the year ahead with your law schools, the ABA, and with each state bar board of examiners.


Show Up for Yourself and Others

A crucial component of well-being is knowing, and feeling known by, others in your world. Spend an hour doing some activities that permit you to extend curiosity to other participants and to decide what you’d like to share about yourself.

Saturday, October 10th

ABA Mental Health Day

Join the Office of Student Affairs in honoring the American Bar Association (ABA) Law Student Division’s Law School Mental Health Day by revisiting some previously recorded meditations.


Vinyasa Yoga

Join Lulu Zhang ('23) on Cross Campus for a vinyasa yoga class focused on fluidity and connection to the breath.

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