Alumni & Student Profiles

A collection of snapshots and stories from our alumni and students around the world

Alumni and Student Profiles

Frank Jimenez ’91

Jimenez, the Vice President and General Counsel of GE HealthCare, talks about the support he found at the Law School and the importance of giving back.

Leondra Kruger ’01

Kruger, a Justice on the Supreme Court of California, speaks about how Yale prepared her for a job in which she gets to think deeply about the law and be of service.

Nabiha Syed ’10

Syed, the Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation, describes how law school gave her the freedom to pursue a different legal career path.

My Khanh Ngo ’17

Ngo, a Staff Attorney at the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project, recounts her clinical work on the 2017 travel ban and how experiential education prepared her for a career in the public interest.

Cory Booker ’97

Booker, a U.S. Senator, talks about the ways Yale Law School launched his political career and taught him to make connections across the aisle.

Guido Calabresi ’58

Beloved professor, former dean, and alumnus, Judge Guido Calabresi speaks poignantly about his decades at the Law School.

Ana Mier Valdivia '26

A Navy lieutenant discusses attending Yale Law School through the Navy’s Law Education Program while she remains on active duty.

Nathan Hernandez '24

A veteran discusses how his Army service prepared him for law school by understanding how policies and regulations affect people's daily lives.

Zoe Kreitenberg '24

An Army veteran shares her experiences leading the Yale Law School Veterans Association and working at the Veterans Legal Services Clinic.

Will Clancy ’25

A U.S. Army veteran discusses his military service, what drew him to studying law, and his experiences as a veteran at the law school.

Laura Hallas ’24

A student reflects on her interest in health law and policy and her involvement in two student journals.

Faith Lewis ’23

A student perspective on academic and public interest opportunities, the San Francisco Affirmative Litigation Project, and leadership in OutLaws.

Gabrielle Jackson ’23

A student perspective on visiting the Law School to help decide whether to attend, the benefits of joining affinity groups, and exploring the world of law.

Jenna Cook ’24

A student perspective on evolving academic interests at Yale Law School and the value of The Tsai Leadership Program.

Renée Mihail ’24

Renée Mihail ’24 discusses her military background, the satisfaction of helping individual clients, and practicing work-life balance in law school.

Teddy Ray ’24

A second-career student reflects on his YLS experience, including Complex Civil Litigation, and his hopes for afterward.

Henock Dory ’24

A student reflects on the diverse YLS community and his experience in BLSA and working on the Yale Law & Policy Review.

Lucía Baca ’24

A student perspective on the Latinx community at YLS, the Reproductive Rights and Justice Project, and pursuing social justice goals.

Sam Feineh ’24

A student reflects on his passion to pursue criminal justice reform and being a part of the Challenging Mass Incarceration Clinic.

Geneva Smith ’24

A student perspective on YLS’s support for the BALSA and YLW+ communities, and how Yale Law School’s professors are preparing her to become a legal academic.

Akriti Gaur ’22 LLM

A student perspective on the LL.M. program, and how Yale Law School offered theoretical foundations to previous experience as a tech lawyer.

Jammie Walker ’24

A student perspective on why Yale Law School is the place to figure out what sort of lawyer you want to be, and working with the Criminal Justice Advocacy Clinic.

Poppy Harlow ’22 MSL

A perspective on the M.S.L. program and what it was like to dive into the study of constitutional law, civil procedure, and criminal law as a journalist.

Molly Petchenik ’21

A student perspective on the Veterans Clinic, the Liman Center, and public interest law at Yale Law School.

Lexi Smith ’22

A student perspective on studying animal and environmental law at Yale Law School.

John Gonzalez ’20

A student perspective on the Marshall-Brennan Project and clinics at Yale Law School.

Xiangnong (George) Wang ’20

A student perspective on public interest law, the MFIA Clinic, and the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association at Yale Law School.

Alexander Komarov LLM

A student perspective on criminal law, financial aid, and getting an LL.M. at Yale Law School.

Leanne Gale ’20

A student perspective on international human rights law, immigrant rights, and the supportive community at Yale Law School.

Rachel Brown ’20

A student perspective on the Gruber Rule of Law Clinic, Paul Tsai China Center, and public interest law at Yale Law School.

Harley F. Etienne MSL

A student perspective on the M.S.L. program and the inspiring community at Yale Law School.

Thomas Kadri PhD

A student perspective on the Ph.D. in Law program and his research on tort liability.

Rafael Bezerra Nunes LLM

A student perspective on getting an LLM at Yale Law School, constitutional law, and the graduate programs community.

Kath Xu ’20

A student perspective on the feminist organizations, the Veterans Clinic, and the financial aid office at Yale Law School.