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Conversations on Leadership: Rakim Brooks ’16

Rakim Brooks ’16, President of the Alliance for Justice, shares his experiences as a first-generation student at Yale Law School and the challenges of taking on a leadership role as a young person. He also discusses how the Alliance for Justice works to diversify the federal judiciary.

Yale Law School at 200: A Pioneering Force in Legal Education

What started as a tiny school by necessity remains small by design to this day. We ensure the next generation of lawyers and leaders step into the world with bold ideas, diverse perspectives, and limitless energy to tackle the pressing challenges they face.

Yale Law School at 200: Guido Calabresi ’58 on His Life and Legacy

Beloved professor, former dean, and alumnus, Guido speaks poignantly about his decades at the Law School.

Ebrahim Moosa: Critical Traditionalism in Islamic Thought — History, Norms & Modernity

Ebrahim Moosa of the University of Notre Dame Keough School of Global Affairs gave a Kamel Center lecture on Oct. 5, 2023 titled "Critical Traditionalism in Islamic Thought: History, Norms & Modernity."

Ayse Zarakol: Sovereignty Across the Ages: Centralisation and its Discontents

Ayse Zarakol of the University of Cambridge gave a Kamel Center lecture on Sept. 14, 2023 titled "Sovereignty Across the Ages: Centralisation and Its Discontents."

Ana Mier Valdivia ’26

Navy Lieutenant Ana P. Mier Valdivia ’26 discusses attending Yale Law School through the Navy’s Law Education Program while she remains on active duty.

Nathan Hernandez ’24

Nathan Hernandez ’24 discusses how his Army service prepared him for law school by understanding how policies and regulations affect people's daily lives.

Will Clancy ’25

Will Clancy ’25 entered Yale Law School after a 30-year career in the U.S. Army, including Special Forces service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Clancy discusses his military service, what drew him to studying law, and his experiences as a veteran at the law school.