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Closed captioning has been provided for a number of Yale Law School’s recent videos and will be provided on an ongoing basis in the future. Please be advised that captions are made from video recordings and may be affected by the quality of the recording and contain errors and omissions. Please bring any errors to our attention by emailing

2024 Judge Ralph K. Winter Lecture: Jason Furman

Jason Furman of Harvard University delivered the Judge Ralph K. Winter lecture titled "Clear Thinking About Economic Policy: Overcoming the Liberal and Conservative Vices" on February 26, 2024.

2024 John R. Raben/Sullivan & Cromwell Fellowship Lecture: Nicholas Bloom

Nicholas (Nick) Bloom, the William D. Eberle Professor of Economics at Stanford University, delivered a lecture titled "The Glorious Future of Working from Home" on April 8, 2024.

Yale Law School at 200: Cory Booker ’97 on Working Across the Aisle

Booker, a U.S. Senator, talks about the ways Yale Law School launched his political career and taught him to make connections across the aisle.

Yale Law School at 200: Frank Jimenez ’91 on His Ongoing Connection to YLS

Jimenez, the Vice President and General Counsel of GE Healthcare, talks about the support he found at the Law School and the importance of giving back.

Yale Law School at 200: Leondra Kruger ’01 on a Career of Service

Kruger, a Justice on the Supreme Court of California, speaks about how Yale prepared her for a job in which she gets to think deeply about the law and be of service.

Yale Law School at 200: My Khanh Ngo ’17 on Her Experience in the Clinics

Ngo, a Staff Attorney at the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project, recounts her clinical work on the 2017 travel ban and how experiential education prepared her for a career in the public interest.

Yale Law School at 200: Nabiha Syed ’10 on Finding New Paths in Media Law

Syed, the Chief Executive Officer of The Markup, describes how law school gave her the freedom to pursue a different legal career path.

2024 Doyle-Winter Lecture: Orin Kerr

Professor Orin S. Kerr delivered the Michael A. Doyle '62 and Bunny Winter Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law Lecture on March 26, 2024. Titled "Searching, Seizing, and Moving," the lecture considers whether Fourth Amendment protections change when property is moved from one setting to another.