Policies, Resources, & Reporting

The Law School is committed to providing all members of our community an equal opportunity to fulfill their potential as students by fostering a learning environment in which each individual is treated with dignity and respect. Consistent with that goal, these pages outline the standards that govern our community and the processes available for raising concerns or bringing complaints regarding discrimination, harassment, or other forms of misconduct by members of the Law School community. 

Some procedures to raise complaints are internal to the Law School while others operate at the University level. They also vary in their formality. The available procedures are intended to provide students with multiple options for raising a complaint. For this reason, designated individuals, both inside and outside the Law School, are available to provide you with additional guidance beyond the information provided here. They are also available to answer questions, provide guidance, or respond to concerns even if you do not wish to make a complaint. More information is detailed on this section of the website, including on our additional policies page.

If you are unsure where to direct a concern, please contact Associate Dean Jennifer Cerny to report a school-related complaint of any kind. Dean Cerny is equipped to help students resolve issues or to provide referrals as appropriate. 

In addition to the policies outlined on the YLS web site, Federal and state bodies of law, including Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and Connecticut anti-discrimination law, also apply.