New Haven — A Lively, Small Urban Center

The City of New Haven, a lively, small urban center between New York City and Boston, offers many diversions. New Haven is home to vibrant neighborhoods, a tantalizing variety of restaurants for all tastes and budgets, and a bountiful arts and culture scene. 

In 2023, The New York Times named New Haven to its list of “52 Places for Travelers to Visit” in the world, calling it “a home to tinkerers and rebels, and a treasure trove of contemporary art and architecture.”

“Connecticut’s third-largest city is a historic, mostly walkable and bikeable seaside town with distinctive neighborhoods, an encyclopedic collection of great American architecture, a thriving cultural life and one of the best food scenes in the country for a city of its size (134,000).”
The New York Times

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Rebecca Wexler

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