Paul Tsai China China Center: Jeremy Daum, “Protection of Minors Online in Chinese and U.S. Law”

Apr. 17, 2024
12:10PM - 1:00PM
Baker Room 434
Open to the YLS Community Only

Paul Tsai China Center Fellow Roundtable Discussion — Presented by Jeremy Daum, Senior Fellow and Senior Research Scholar

Join Jeremy Daum for a discussion on recent efforts in China and some U.S. states to protect minors from online dangers, including new risks from social media and some very old risks that have gone digital. We'll look at content regulations and measures to prevent and address cyberbullying, exploitation (financial and sexual), and internet/gaming addiction. We will consider how to ensure that these child-protection measures only impact kids, and don't unduly limit adults. 

YLS students are invited to participate in the discussion, regardless of your past experience with the subject matter. Lunch will be provided.

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Paul Tsai China Center