Tech Law & the Humanities Symposium

Oct. 28, 2022
10:00AM - 5:00PM
Baker Hall Room 116
Open to the Public

In person registration is now closed, however virtual participation is still open. Tune in via Zoom - to any panel you wish to view.

In collaboration with the Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities, the Justice Collaboratory is hosting a one-day symposium to explore the causes and cures for online harms from a multidisciplinary perspective. Come join our conversation about misinformation, cyberbullying, polarization, civility, and voice with scholars steeped in everything from theology and sociology to history and engineering.

Tech Law & the Humanities Symposium Schedule 

October 28, 2022
Yale Law School - Baker Hall Room 116

9:00 – Registration & Breakfast
Baker 118

10:00 – Opening Remarks
Baker 116
Matt Katsaros, Social Media Governance Initiative (Director)
Paul Meosky, Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities (Editor-in-Chief)

10:15 – Social Media and Our Selves: A Social Science Perspective
Baker 116
Speakers: Jennifer Forestal, Karen Huang
Moderator: Artur Pericles Lima Monteiro

11:45 – Break

12:00 – Media, (Mis)information, & Censorship: A Humanities Perspective
Baker 116
Speakers: Michelle Warren, Julie Stone Peters, Ada Palmer
Moderator: Robert Post

1:30 – Break

1:45 – Dangers & Opportunities for Civil Society: A Historical Perspective
Baker 116
Speakers: David Thorburn, Samuel Biagetti
Moderator: Jack Sadler

3:15 – Break

3:30 – Dignity by Design: A Human Rights Perspective
Baker 116
Speakers: Deborah Mower, Lisa Schirch
Moderator: Vivian Chong

5:00 – Closing Remarks

Sponsoring Organization(s)

The Justice Collaboratory