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Yale Law School Staff Values

Yale Law School staff members have been working with InspireCorps, a New Haven–based leadership firm, on several school-wide initiatives. One of those initiatives has been to define our staff administrative values. The values of reputation, excellence, vitality, relationships, purpose, service, achievement, and respect represent us at our best.

Three key themes came out of the initial work with InspireCorps and a broad cross-section of staff, which have been turned into value statements. A fourth has been added based on the work of the Staff Antiracist Working Group.  

  • Responsibility & Accountability: As the preeminent law school in the country, we take seriously the responsibility to maintain excellence and accountability in our work.
  • Service & Collegiality: We are united in our common purpose of providing outstanding service to this world-class institution through our relationships, leadership, and collegial effort.
  • Personal Approach: We take a personal approach in everything we do. We reach out as needed and assist wherever required even though the situation may be outside of our normal duties.
  • Respect for All: Our colleagues, students, and faculty recognize the respect and dignity with which each of us deserves to be treated. A work environment free from harassment, racism, and discrimination provides the foundation for the vitality and engagement of our collective community to make its best contributions.

To test how well these values resonated with the entire staff (including the library), a survey was sent out, and 77% of the staff participated, and the results showed that these values resonated well. 

The logo at the top of the page was created to highlight our values. Keep an eye out for more ways the values will be integrated into the intersection of the work we do and how we do it.

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