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Call for Proposals

Administrative Law New Scholarship Roundtable, Sept. 17–18, 2021

Yale Law School is pleased to host the sixth annual Administrative Law New Scholarship Roundtable on September 17-18, 2021. We plan to hold this event in person on the Yale campus, assuming that public health conditions allow Yale to begin permitting visitors to campus, which we are optimistic they will.

The Roundtable is an opportunity for approximately twelve authors to workshop their papers in a series of individual sessions, one for each paper, over the course of a day and a half. Each paper will be introduced by a senior scholar who will comment on the work and then facilitate discussion of it with all participants. This year’s senior commenters are listed at the end of this message. 

Scholars wishing to present a paper and participate in the Roundtable should submit a one-to-two-page abstract by Friday, July 2, 2021. To be eligible, scholars must have less than ten years of tenure-tracking teaching; scholars holding fellowships, visiting assistant professorships, or similar positions are eligible and welcome to submit. Abstracts should be emailed to Nicholas Parrillo at nicholas.parrillo@yale.edu. You may also contact him with any questions about the event.  Applicants should include their title, institutional affiliation, and number of years teaching in the academy. Applicants will be notified by mid-July whether they have been selected or not.

Before August, we expect to know Yale’s policy on permitting visitors to campus in the fall and will notify participants as soon as possible. Assuming the event is in person, participants will need to cover their own travel and lodging costs; Yale will have reserved a block of reasonably priced hotel rooms. Yale will provide meals to the extent its public health policy allows. If a scholar whose paper is accepted is prevented from attending the in-person event by a public health policy of Yale or their home institution, the scholar will be invited to participate remotely. In the contingency that Yale does not allow visitors to campus in the fall, the Roundtable will go forward on a remote basis, either as a single event or series of smaller workshops.   

Senior Commenters:

Bernard Bell, Rutgers
Emily Bremer, Notre Dame
Nathan Cortez, Southern Methodist University
Kristin Hickman, University of Minnesota
Jerry Mashaw, Yale
Jennifer Nou, University of Chicago
Jeff Pojanowski, Notre Dame
Michael Sant’Ambrogio, Michigan State
Miriam Seifter, University of Wisconsin
Glen Staszewski, Michigan State
Karen Tani, University of Pennsylvania
Melissa Wasserman, University of Texas-Austin