The Integrity Project

Promoting Sound Science in Child and Adolescent Health Policy

Health policy should be based on scientific rigor and should protect standard medical care. The Integrity Project seeks to create a common language for science and the law, so that legal decisionmakers can set evidence-based health policy for children and adolescents.

Despite a shared commitment to health justice, the legal and medical communities do not naturally collaborate. They are trained separately, use different technical language, and work in siloed spaces. Legal experts are not trained to interpret clinical research, and healthcare professionals are not equipped to express best practices in legal terms or to identify how best to intervene in legal and policy decision-making processes. But their mutual objective to support marginalized groups with evidence-based medical care now increasingly requires their joint expertise.

The Integrity Project seeks to build bridges so that sound science is accessible to litigators, regulators, legislators, and journalists. We write reports that summarize peer-reviewed scientific knowledge for a legal audience, and we directly participate in processes that shape health policy to assist public agencies and judges in evaluating the scientific record.

Why Children and Adolescents?

Children and adolescents are powerful assets to healthy societies. They also rely on adults for safeguarding from dangerous forces such as discrimination, violence, and deprivation. At the crossroads of cataclysmic change, children and adolescents have limited capacity for influential political lobbying.

Why Now?

Underserved and marginalized people are harmed most by the absence of sound science in law. U.S. states recently have adopted a number of measures based on scientific misinformation, in reproductive health, gender-affirming care and HIV prevention. The Integrity Project acts quickly to correct the scientific record and oppose these harmful measures.

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