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Program in the Foundations of American Legal Thought

About the Program

The Program in the Foundations of American Legal Thought promotes the study at Yale Law School of legal theory past and present. It organizes an annual public lecture series on canonical authors and movements, connected to a formal course each spring on the foundations of American legal thought.

Program Director: Samuel Moyn

Steering Committee: Daniel Markovits, Samuel Moyn, Cristina Rodríguez, John Fabian Witt


About the Course

Many YLS faculty have been involved in teaching the course over the years, including Guido Calabresi Professor of Law Daniel Markovits ’00, Leighton Homer Surbeck Professor of Law Cristina Rodríguez ’00, Sterling Professor of Law Robert Post ’77, Professor of Environmental Justice and Professor of Law Gerald Torres ’77, and the program’s director and Chancellor Kent Professor of Law and History Samuel Moyn.