Information Technology Services (ITS)

Duplication of media. We support several media formats, as well as converting (transcoding) media between different mediums.
Available to

Standard Features

  • Media conversion and duplication for Law School related work
  • VHS transfer to DVD or digital video file
  • Audio cassette to CD or digital audio file
  • DVD transfer to digital file 
  • CD transfer to digital file
  • MOV/M4V/MP4/YouTube-ready video file conversion (transcoding)
  • MP4/MP3/WAV audio conversion (transcoding)

Supported Media for duplication

  • DVD
  • Blu-ray
  • CD

Standard Turn around time is five business days

User Requirements

  • Media that is protected by copyright cannot be duplicated without express written permission from the copyright holder.
  • Active affiliation with the Law School. 

Using This Service

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Contact Law School AV Media Services

  • Phone: 203-432-0821
  • Email: av.law@yale.edu

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Contact Law School AV Media Services

  • Walk in: L2
  • Phone: 203-432-0821 
  • Email: av.law@yale.edu
  • AV Services Support Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30AM - 6:00PM


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