Video Production Services

Video production and editing service
Available to

Standard Features

  • Video recording and editing for classes and events

  • Video production for special initiatives

  • Post-production video editing services for automated recordings (remove pre and post event recorded content)

  • Video captioning 

User Requirements

  • Class recordings require written permission of the instructor

  • All other recordings required signed release forms from all participants

  • Recording requests must be submitted via the online request tool http://av.law.yale.edu

Using This Service

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Get Help

 Contact YLS Information Technology Services

  •  Phone: 203-432-2197

  •  Email: law.av@yale.edu

  •  Walk in: L2 Law Library

  • Service Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30AM- 5:00PM


  • No charge for automated video recording in classrooms equiped with cameras 

  • Events requiring video production and editing services will be charged for technicians time. Contact law.av@yale.edu for more information