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Duo multifactor authentication helps protect your Yale account by adding an additional security layer which requires you to prove your identity by responding to a prompt on an enrolled mobile device, landline, tablet, or token
Available to
Visiting Faculty

Standard Features

  • When connecting to Yale resources, such as email, VPN, or CAS (Central Authentication Service) protected applications, such as courses.law.yale.edu, WebSIS, etc. you will be asked to verify your identity through an enrolled device after entering your NetID and password
  • This verification, referred to as multifactor authentication, or MFA, helps to confirm your identity and secures these resources from unauthorized use
  • Set up or change enrolled devices at mfa.its.yale.edu

User Requirements

  • Active NetID
  • Enrolled device with Duo mobile application, cell phone, landline, or standalone hardware token (request from YLS IT)

Using This Service

Get This Service

  • Access is automatically provisioned for Yale faculty, staff, and students
  • Manage your enrollment at mfa.its.yale.edu

Setup the Service

Authentication Methods

  • Duo Push
    • Duo sends a login request to your phone's Duo Mobile app. Just tap Approve to authenticate. If the authentication request was unsolicited, you have the option to reject it. Information about the source of the login request is also displayed which includes IP address, Username, Geographic Location, and Time.
    • This method is not available offline.
    • Compatible with iOS 6 or greater (iPhone and iPad), Android 2.3.3 and greater, BlackBerry 10, BBOS 4.5.0 and greater, and Windows Phone 7.5 and greater.
  • Duo Mobile Passcodes
    • This generates passcodes in the Duo mobile application. This function works offline.
    • Compatible with iOS 6 or greater (iPhone and iPad), Android 2.3.3 and greater, BlackBerry 10, BBOS 4.5.0 and greater, and Windows Phone 7.5 and greater.
  • SMS Passcodes
    • Sends the requested passcode to any SMS enabled device with cell service. Batch SMS codes can be sent ahead of time for offline usage.
  • Phone Callback
    • Duo calls your phone. Just press any key to authenticate. Phone can be a cell phone or landline.
  • Hardware Tokens
    • A passcode is generated by physical token that can entered when prompted by Duo.
    • This does not require cellular or wireless connectivity.

Enrolling a device with the same number

This applies to anyone that has a new phone with the same phone number (i.e. upgraded phone or replacing a lost or stolen phone). This guide explains how to install the DUO mobile app in order to receive DUO “Push” notifications which is lost if the old phone is not present or active. It is recommended that you go your respective device's app store and download the Duo Mobile app before beginning this process. For the easiest installation, Duo Mobile requires at least temporary access to the camera to scan the QR Code for enrollment.

1. Go to mfa.its.yale.edu or access.yale.edu.

  • Log in with your NetID and password.
  • On the following Duo screen, DO NOT LOG IN YET.  In the left column, look for the My Settings & Devices link and select it.
  • Select either Call Me or Enter a Passcode if you would prefer to receive an SMS text message with codes.  Note: You can receive a phone call or SMS text message to your new phone (with the same phone number), but not the DUO Push notification for authentication.
  • You will now see a list of your enrolled devices. Click Device Options for the device that you would like to reactivate.
  • Click Reactivate Duo Mobile to re-enroll the device.

2. To link DUO to your new device with the same, previously registered number:

  • Click the Actions button next to the number you are activating.
  • Select Activate DUO mobile
  • Chose the platform on which your device runs, and click Continue.

3. Depending on your back up settings, the DUO mobile app may already be on your phone.

  • If you already have DUO mobile installed – check the “I have Duo Mobile Installed” box and click continue.
  • To Install the Duo Mobile app on your new phone: Follow the directions on the DUO Mobile screen. Once you have completed the installation, check the “I have Duo Mobile Installed” box and click continue.

4. Activate Duo Mobile - Activating the application will link it to your account so you can use it for authentication. On iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10, activate Duo Mobile by scanning the barcode with then built-in barcode scanner. The Continue button will be clickable after you scan the barcode. Can't scan the barcode? Click the Having Problems? link and then follow the instructions.

Enrollment Complete! DUO Mobile is now activated and you can receive PUSH notifications on your new device.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I will be traveling abroad but I don't have an international data plan and WiFi connectivity may be unreliable, how can I authenticate?
    • You can authenticate by generating a passcode using the Duo Mobile App. This authentication method does not require Internet or cellular access and can be used when your device is in airplane mode. The Duo Mobile App stores multiple passcodes and will automatically refresh when your smartphone connects to a WiFi network.
    • To generate a passcode open the Duo Mobile App, then click the Key icon to the right of the Yale University entry. Enter the six-digit code to authenticate.
    • You may also request 10 backup codes for Duo authentication at mfa.its.yale.edu
  • I will not have a device with me that has the Duo Mobile App installed, how can I authenticate?
    • Please contact YLS IT by submitting a help request online or emailing law.help@yale.edu and we can provide you with a hardware token.  This is a small USB drive sized device that generates passcodes indefinitely without a connection to the internet.
    • You may also request 10 backup codes for Duo authentication at mfa.its.yale.edu
  • I lost my only device with the Duo Mobile App on it, what do I do?
    • In the event that you unexpectedly find yourself without your Duo enabled device and without any way of getting into MFA services at Yale, you can contact law.help@yale.edu and we can assist you remotely by generating temporary passcodes for you and/or registering a new phone or device. After business hours you can also contact the Yale ITS help desk (24 hours/day) for assistance with MFA by calling (203) 432-9000.
  • How can I check the devices and phones I have set up in Duo?
    • Sign in at mfa.its.yale.edu
    • After authenticating you can view the devices you have enrolled

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