Secure File Transfer via One Drive

Utilize Microsoft OneDrive to allow Yale users to send and receive files securely
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Standard Features

  • Secure, encrypted, file transfer service
  • Transfer files to a Yale or non-Yale person either directly through an email address or via a shared link
  • Folder can be set to be secured with a password and/or expiration date
  • Automatic notification to file recipient with link to securely download the file if email address specified
  • Simple Web Interface through Microsoft OneDrive

User Requirements

  • Secure transfer folder must be set up in advance by logging into Microsoft OneDrive account
  • Individual file size of up to 250GB
  • No limit to the number of files that may be shared, your total OneDrive quota is 2TB

Using this Service

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Contact YLS Information Technology Services

  • Phone: 203-432-0821
  • Email: law.help@yale.edu
  • Walk in: L2 Law Library
  • Submit request online: helpdesk.law.yale.edu
  • Service Hours Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM

Service Availability

  • 24/7


  • No Cost