Secure virtual private network for securely accessing Yale resources when off campus. Required for access to network shares and electronic library resources.
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Standard Features

  • Provides secure access to restricted Yale systems and resources via Cisco VPN Anyconnect client. VPN is required for remote access to:

  • Library e-resources

  • Yale Message and other protected Yale web applications

  • Remote Desktop

  • Shared Network Drives

User Requirements

  • Active NetID

  • Access to library electronic databases via VPN is only available to full-time students, faculty and staff with an active status

  • Duo Multi Factor Authentication

Using This Service

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  • Access is automatically provisioned for Yale faculty, staff, and students

Setup the Service

Options for Setting Up VPN on a Home Computer or Laptop

1) AnyConnect Web Based Access (simple setup that supports Yale web applications requiring VPN)

  • Go to: login with your NetID and Password.

  • Click on the Web Application link on the left hand navigation then enter the URL of the Yale web site you want to connect to. For example, the library web site. Accessing the library website this way will allow you to connect to protected online databases as if you are on campus.

  • If you want to connect to your office computer via Remote Desktop you need to install the Cisco VPN Anyconnect client. See (2) below.

2) Download and install the Cisco VPN Anyconnect client from the Yale Software Site

  • The Cisco client can be downloaded by going to and clicking the download button that corresponds to the type of computer you are using.  When the download completes, install the software by launching the installer and following the prompts. 


How to Connect to the Yale VPN Using Cisco VPN AnyConnect client

  • To connect to the Yale VPN, launch your previously installed Cisco VPN AnyConnect client from your Mac Application Folder or your Windows PC Start Menu and click Connect. If there is nothing in the Connect field, please enter then click Connect. Detailed instructions are available below:

  • Mac VPN Instructions

  • Windows VPN Instructions


 Please enter your NetID in the Username field and your NetID password in the Password field. The Multifactor Authentication field is where you specify the Duo Authentication Method you are using. The options are outlined below:

  • Type "push" in the Multifactor Authentication field

    • This will send you a Duo push notification to the mobile phone or tablet you have configured to use with Duo.  Push, requires your mobile device have an internet connection via cellular data or WiFi.

  • Type "sms" in the Multifactor Authentication field

    • This will send a SMS text message to your mobile device with a passcode.  A cellular connection is required.

  • Type "phone" in the Multifactor Authentication field.

    • This will initiate a phone call to your device.  A cellular connection or landline is required.

  • Type in a one use 6-digit passcode

    • Retrieve this code from Duo on your mobile device.  To do so, open the Duo Mobile app.  Click the down-arrow to the right of Yale University to reveal a one-use passcode.  Enter this six-digit number to authenticate.  No internet or cellular connectivity is required - you can retrieve codes even when your device is in airplane mode.

Get Help

Contact YLS Information Technology Services

  • Phone: 203-432-0821
  • Email:
  • Walk in: L2 Library Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm



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