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Max Schaefer

Resident Fellow

Max Schaefer is a Postdoctoral Associate at the Department of Economics at Yale University and a resident fellow at the ISP and the Tobin Center. He holds a doctorate from the Technical University of Berlin. Previously, he was a Postdoc at the university of Bologna where he started working on algorithmic pricing. Max gained policy experience through internships at the German Cartel Office and the Chief Economist Team of the Directorate General for Competition at the European Commission.

His dissertation analyzes the technological features through which data and AI help firms build a competitive advantage and provides insights on possible ways to regulate the data economy to create a level playing field between firms competing in data driven industries. His current research also encompasses work on algorithmic pricing, the economic externalities and welfare consequences of the platform economy, online rating systems, and how AI algorithms can be used to shed light on important economic questions.