Shlomit Yanisky Ravid

Visiting Fellow

Professor Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid, PhD is a professor of Intellectual Property (IP) Law, focusing on the challenges of advanced technology, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cyberspace, privacy and competition laws as well as on comparative and international aspects of these legal regimes. Prof. Yanisky-Ravid is a full time Senior Law Faculty Member at the Ono Academic College, Law School, which is the largest law school in Israel, and the founder and director of the Shalom Comparative Research Institute, Eliyahu Law and Tech Center at Ono. Prof. Yanisky-Ravid is also a Visiting Professor at Fordham Law (from 2012), where she teaches the courses “IP and the Challenges of Advanced Technology: AI and Blockchain” and previously: "Beyond IP: Theoretical, Comparative and International Perspectives".

Professor Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid is the Head of the “IP - AI & Blockchain Research Project" at Fordham Law CLIP working with Prof. Joel Reidenberg.  She is also a Law Professor Research Fellow at the Yale University Law School, ISP, since 2011, when she completed post-doctoral studies at Yale Law School, and where she conducted two seminars: "Law and Society In Israel: Contemporary Issues" and "Advanced Legal Studies for the VR Graduate Program". 
Professor Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid has published many articles and books and has won awards and scholarships for her works.  Recently, she researched the challenges of advanced technology, focusing on AI and blockchain and its impact on the legal regime. One of her studies, titled "Generating Rembrandt: Artificial Intelligence, Copyright, and Accountability in the 3A Era—the Human-Like Workers are Already Here—A New Model", was chosen as the 2017 Visionary Article in Intellectual Property Law and in addition won an award, by Michigan State University.