Journals & Publications Support

The Office of Student Affairs provides administrative support to the subject-specific journals, including assistance with publication processes, budget monitoring and management, and web site maintenance. Journal members with questions about journal operations should contact the Office of Student Affairs.

You can find former YLS student-run journals on the YLS Open Scholarship Repository.

When you visit the websites of any Law School student journals, you will be leaving the Yale Law School website. The information contained on the pages you visit is not maintained by Yale Law School and may not represent official statements or views of Yale Law School.

Journals Subscription Rates

The Office of Student Affairs handles subscriptions for three of our student-edited law journals. These journals include the Yale Journal of Law and Feminism, the Yale Journal of International Law, and the Yale Law & Policy Review. 

To subscribe to any of these journals, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at

Yale Journal of Law and Feminism    
  Domestic Rate $30.00
  International Rate $40.00
Yale Journal of International Law    
  Domestic Rate $40.00
  International Rate $50.00
Yale Law & Policy Review    
  Domestic Rate $30.00
  International Rate $40.00
Back Issues for All Publications    
  Domestic Rate $20.00
  International Rate $30.00

Subscription rates for Yale Law Journal and the Yale Journal on Regulation can be found on their respective websites.