Joint Degrees

Joint Degrees

Master of Environmental Management

Yale Law School and the Yale School of the Environment offer students the opportunity to jointly pursue a JD at Yale Law School and a master degree in environmental management (MEM) at the School of the Environment. Undertaken separately these two degrees would take five years to complete. Together students can earn both degrees in four years.

Studying at Yale Law will provide students the analytical skills to approach problems from the legal and advocacy perspectives, while training at the School of the Environment and Environmental Studies will provide students opportunities to study environmental sciences, policy, and environmental history, for example, to build an expertise in an increasingly important global issue.

The Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, a joint undertaking between the Yale School of the Environment & Environmental Studies and the Yale Law School serves as a home for the joint JD/MEM program. The Center provides research, educational, career development and social opportunities for students enrolled in the joint program.

Please visit the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy for more information or email