Course offerings range from core classes such as substantive criminal law and criminal procedure to advanced courses such as white-collar criminal defense and specialized classes such as Race and the Law. For students, the experience can be transformative in shaping their view of the law and their future aspirations. The following are examples of courses that have been offered at Yale Law School in recent years.


Capital Punishment Clinic
Capital Punishment: Race, Poverty, and Disadvantage
Challenging Mass Incarceration Clinic
Convicting the Innocent
Criminal Justice Clinic and Fieldwork
Criminal Justice Reform: Theory and Research in Action 
Criminal Law
Criminal Law and Administration
Criminal Procedure: Adjudication
Criminal Procedure: Charging and Adjudication
Criminal Procedure: Police Practices and Investigations
Criminal Procedure: Investigation
Federal Criminal Law
Guns in the United States
The Institution and Practice of the Federal District Court
International Criminal Law
Juvenile Justice Clinic and Fieldwork
Liman Project: Incarceration, Isolation, and Criminal Justice Reform
Liman Public Interest Workshop: Imprisoned 
Prosecution Externship and Instruction
Race and the Law: African Americans and Criminal Justice
Temporary Restraining Order Project
Trial Practice
White-Collar Criminal Defense: Critical Issues and Strategies