Streicker Fund for Student Research

About the Streicker Fund

The Streicker Fund for Student Research provides support for academic projects requiring international travel. These projects must be for credit and supervised by YLS appointed faculty; they need not be graded. Examples include field research, in-country interviews with relevant stakeholders, and archival research. Research trips are typically conducted during extended academic recesses (e.g., summer or winter break).  

Please note, revisions have been made to the Streicker scholar fund eligibility and award guidelines. This has been done to ensure proper stewardship of the fund with an eye toward sustainability, equity, and fairness.   For details on the changes, click here. 

For frequently asked questions pertaining to international academic research, see FAQ Document. Lastly, please read the YLS-Funded International Research Travel Policy for further instructions. 

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Application information

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Students should contact the following people to discuss project proposals prior to submitting an application:

  • Research involving international travel: Mindy Jane Roseman, Director of International Law Programs

  • Research conducted domestically:

Students seeking support for academic research should apply through a single application, with the exception of graduate students applying for domestic research funding. Those graduate students should contact Ryan Harrington for a separate application form.

Read the YLS-Funded International Research Travel Policy

Streicker Scholars and Projects

2022-2023 Streicker Scholars and Projects 


Josh Aiken (& Ezra Ritchin) - Morocco

Josh and Ezra traveled to Morocco to examine how lawyers and unionists interrogate social inequality in wake of the country’s abolition of racial slavery.


Nada Al-Jassar – Nee Zealand

Nada investigated New Zealand’s no-fault accident injury compensation torts system, the Accident Compensation Corporation, to understand its potential applicability in the U.S.


Matei Alexianu – Chile

Matei conducted a study of Chile’s recent experience with investor-state arbitration and the status of reform of ISDS in Chile to learn how to make investment arbitration more equitable.


Ryanne Bamieh – Comorian Island

Ryanne traveled to the Comorian Island of Nzduani to learn about the restorative justice practices of the Ongoni community and methods of responding to crime without a carceral system.


Nick Barile (& Andrew Smith) – Australia and New Zealand

Nick and Andrew investigated weapons platforms and facilities deployed by the Pentagon throughout by the US-Australian-New Zealand (ANZUS) holdings to consider their legal implications in international law.


Arshan Barzani – Georgia

Arshan explored how Georgia’s foreign policy shifted to a pro-Russian orientation and what the country’s internal discord means for their upcoming parliamentary elections.


Nketiah Berko - Ecuador

Nketiah journeyed to Ecuador to investigate the effects of the nation’s 2009 public debt audit on everyday Ecuadorians and understand the salience of sovereign debt and debt justice.


John Bowers (& Rekha Kennedy & Shunhe Wang) - Japan

John, Rekha, and Shunhe traveled to Japan to research Japanese startup culture and the Japanese startup regulatory landscape, particularly related to Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s New Capitalism plan.


Psalm Brown – South Africa

Psalm studied education and racial reckoning in post-Apartheid South Africa.


Alyssa Chan – South India

Alyssa conducted a comparative study of local criminal court proceedings driving pretrial detention in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Goa in South India.


Sophina Clark – France & England

Sophina researched France and England’s conception of labor unions as a model of sectoral bargaining and workplace-based model respectively.


Ram Dolom - Philippines

Ram traveled to the Philippines to analyze the criminalization of humanitarian activity through penal statutes governing terrorism.


Raymond Fang – South Korea

Raymond researched housing politics amidst affordable housing shortages in Seoul, South Korea.


Kailyn Gaines (& Aaron Bryce Lee & Juan Fernando Luna) - Morocco

Kailyn, Juan Fernando, and Aaron Bryce investigated how Morocco’s immigration system treats asylum seekers and processes their claims to imagine alternatives to current U.S. asylum law.


Adam Gerard (& Kyle Ranieri) - Singapore

Adam and Kyle journeyed throughout Singapore and Indonesia to explore how the hospitality industry operates and interacts with local governments in countries where “vices” such as alcohol and gambling are illegal.


Brent Godfrey – South Africa

Brent studied how some South African schools implement pedagogical approaches aimed at social healing and repair to explore how one could design a learning space in law schools that form community-rooted, socially conscious leaders.


Sumona Gupta – United Kingdom

Sumona traveled to the U.K. to conduct a comparative study of rail industries’ issues regarding workplace regulation in the U.S. and the U.K.


David Herman (& Thomas Ritz) - Japan

David and Thomas explored the cultural practices, institutions, and physical sites which animate Japan’s law and religion jurisprudence.


Gabrielle Jackson – Singapore and Philippines

Gabrielle investigated the difference in conceptions of reproductive rights and justice and its impact on gender equality in Singapore and the Philippines.


Liz Jacob - Morocco

Liz explored how environmental justice advocates and Indigenous communities in Morocco have resisted environmental injustice.


Rekha Kennedy (& John Bowers & Shunhe Wang) - Japan

John, Rekha, and Shunhe traveled to Japan to research Japanese startup culture and the Japanese startup regulatory landscape, particularly related to Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s New Capitalism plan.


Will Krueger  - United Kingdom

Will journeyed to the U.K to study the original and developing meaning of due process rights in the Magna Carta and other early legal documents foundational to the Anglo-American tradition.


Aaron Bryce Lee (& Kaitlyn Gaines & Juan Fernando Luna) - Morocco

Aaron Bryce, Juan Fernando, and Kailyn investigated how Morocco’s immigration system treats asylum seekers and processes their claims to imagine alternatives to current U.S. asylum law.


Rosalyn Leban

Rosalyn explored the present and potential legal evolution of LGBTQ+ rights in Taiwan and its opposition.


Lauren Lin – Taiwan

Lauren analyzed various social movements and their legacies in Taiwan and South Korea that occurred after Japanese occupation to understand better each country’s distinct journey toward democracy.


Elsa Lora - Mexico

Elsa utilized the Archivo General de la Nación (National Archive) in Mexico to study the history of the Tres Marias Penal Colony and research prisons that allow incarcerated people to live with their families.


Juan Fernando Luna (& Aaron Bryce Lee & Kailyn Gaines) - Mexico

Juan Fernando, Kailyn, and Aaron Bryce investigated how Morocco’s immigration system treats asylum seekers and processes their claims to imagine alternatives to current U.S. asylum law.


Sage Mason – Portugal, Germany, France

Sage studied how the U.S. could evolve politically and respond to the inherent shortcomings of the democratic process through comparisons to Portugal, Germany, and France.


Joel Michaels - Japan

Joel conducted interviews in Tokyo at the Japanese industrial policy ministry to learn how Japanese policymakers evaluate the labor market consequences of industrial policy decision-making and the efficacy of trade unions on policymaking.


Ian Miller – India

Ian interviewed bureaucrats in Kolkata and New Delhi, India to research aspects of India’s federal system that lead to uncooperative federalism.


Kaleb Mount – South Africa

Kaleb examined the design and effects of tourism taxes, the value added tax, and other public finance policy tools in South Africa.


Gilbert Orbea - Cuba

Gilbert researched local government in Cuba, focusing on participation to elucidate comparisons to local government in the U.S.


Varshini Parthasarathy (& Chelsea Thomeer) – Italy and France

Varshini and Chelsea traveled to Italy and France to study public actions and advocacy organized by youth climate activists in the European Union and the countries’ responses.

Daphne Peng – South Africa

Daphne explored the current animal conservation direction in South Africa to understand how economic concerns can be used to enhance animal welfare.


Maria Perales Sanchez – Mexico

Maria analyzed the justification for federal legal borders and immigration law in the U.S. Constitution and Mexico’s Constitution and how this basis manifests in legal rights or nonrights for immigrants.


Kyle Ranieri (& Adam Gerard) - Singapore

Adam and Kyle journeyed throughout Singapore and Indonesia to explore how the hospitality industry operates and interacts with local governments in countries where “vices” such as alcohol and gambling are illegal.


Ezra Ritchin (& Josh Aiken) - Morocco

Josh and Ezra traveled to Morocco to examine how lawyers and unionists interrogate social inequality in wake of the country’s abolition of racial slavery.


Thomas Ritz (& David Herman) – Japan

Thomas and David researched religious sites in Japan subject to political and legal contestation to understand how Japanese law makes sense of everyday Shinto religious practices.


Jed Rothstein – South Africa

Jed analyzed the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa on the tourist sector of South Africa’s rich national park and safari apparatus.


Ann Sarnak - Colombia

Ann studied the extent to which the historically segregated cities Bogotá and Medellín, Colombia have used public land and space to promote equity and inclusion within their borders.


Alicia Schliefman – Singapore

Alicia explored the legal treatment of Chinese cultural artifacts and efforts to repatriate them in Singapore.


Steffen Seitz - Norway

Steffen conducted a comparative study of the Norwegian and U.S. prison systems and the prison abolition movements in both countries.


Areeb Siddiqui (& Saif Zihiri) - Hungary, Croatia, and Bosnia

Areeb and Saif traveled to Hungary, Croatia, and Bosnia to investigate how Islamophobia manifests through legislation and the effect such policies have on religious minorities in Eastern Europe.


Malina Simard-Halm - Ecuador

Malina journeyed to Ecuador to research the Special Law proclamation of the Galapagos and the unique rights regime that this proclamation engenders.


Andrew Smith (& Nick Barile) – Australia and New Zealand

Nick and Andrew investigated weapons platforms and facilities deployed by the Pentagon throughout by the US-Australian-New Zealand (ANZUS) holdings to consider their legal implications in international law.


Eric Stephen – Amsterdam

Eric studied in Amsterdam to understand the influence of theology and religious practices on aspects of Western legal systems.


Karen Sung – Portugal

Karen analyzed foreign direct investment laws in Portugal, mapped the country’s growing anti-China sentiment, and placed them in context with the country’s historical relationship with Macau and China.


Molly Teague – Singapore

Molly explored abortion access and economic participation in Singapore and the Philippines.


Chelsea Thomeer (& Varshini Parthasarathy) – Italy and France

Varshini and Chelsea traveled to Italy and France to study public actions and advocacy organized by youth climate activists in the European Union and the countries’ responses to understand how differing freedom of expression laws in the EU affect organizing rights and strategies.


Shunhe Wang (& John Bowers & Rekha Kennedy) – Japan

John, Rekha, and Shunhe traveled to Japan to research Japanese startup culture and the Japanese startup regulatory landscape, particularly related to Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s New Capitalism plan.


Alisa White – New Zealand

Alisa journeyed to Aotearoa, New Zealand to examine private law tools and collaboration between non-profit land conservation organizations and Māori communities to support Māori land conservation and stewardship.


Allen Xu – France

Allen investigated compliance defense for corporate criminal defendants in France along with recent corporate liability reforms.


Lulu Zhang - Spain

Lulu researched the implementation, effectiveness, and challenges of the General Data Protection Regulation in Spain.


Kevin Zhang – Chile

Kevin studied Chile’s Constitution re-writing process in Santiago.

2021-22 Streicker Scholars and Projects

Nicole Allicock ’22 - Guyana

Nicole journeyed to Guyana to research the impact of the privatization-nationalization cycle on ethnic clashes and its compensation to families for expropriated land.

Hannah Barbosa Cesnik ’22 - Italy and United Kingdom

Hannah analyzed the cultural policies and procedures of Italy and United Kingdom by delving in to the operations of their respective departments.

David Bassali ’22 and Sam Hull ’22 - Egypt

David and Sam conducted a investigation of how Egyptians understand and construct meaning out of the 2011 Revolution.

Helia Bidad and Natasha Brunstein ’22 - Mexico

Helia and Natasha investigated the climate and sustainability plans of Mexico City, given its rigorous commitments to mitigating climate change.

Kyle Bigley ’22 - Ireland

Kyle traveled to Ireland to explore the legal and policy responses of the Irish labor movement and its centralized modes of collective bargaining.

Hannah Caresse ’22 - United Kingdom

Hannah explored the United Kingdom’s system of national trails in order to construct an argument on John Locke’s absolutist and individualist theory of property.

Luke Connell ’22 - Mexico

Luke journeyed to Mexico City to study the theories of individual criminal responsibility that could be used in the Mexican criminal system and human rights jurisprudence. 

Hadiyah Cummings ’24 - Italy

Hadiyah researched and interviewed black activists in Italy to see how they have been impacted by new anti-protest laws in response to the murder of George Floyd.

Faith Lewis ’23 - Singapore

Faith conducted research on how local communities in Singapore conceived of environmental justice.

Angie Liao ’22  - France

Angie researched the history of militant unions and wildcat strikes (les grèves) in France to draw a comparison on the relationship between the police state and worker organizing in the United States.

Cara Meyer ’22 - United Kingdom

Cara traveled to United Kingdom to study the surviving archives of qui tamclaims and ad quod damnum writs.

Randi Michel ’22 - Egypt

Randi conducted field research on Egyptian civil society, civil space, and foreign aid, specifically focusing on the trajectory of human rights and civil society in Egypt. 

Porter Nenon ’23 and Phoenix Rice-Johnson ’22 - Sierra Leone

Porter and Phoenix traveled to Sierra Leone to research legal empowerment in the country through interviews with rural community leaders, and with representatives from Namati, a legal advocacy nonprofit.

Zaria Noble ’22 - France

Zaria researched the theories of culpability factors behind class-action laws in France.

Andre Ntim ’22 - Mexico

Andre explored how the 2020 Mexico City femicide protests supplement a transnational analysis of abolitionist struggles to combat violence against women, conducting archival research and engaging with activists and legal workers. 

Aggrey Odera ’23 - Germany

Aggrey traveled to Berlin to speak with squatters to understand its history and the motivations behind the movement, as well as to identify how German property law has responded to them. 

Alasdair Phillips-Robins ’22 – United Kingdom, France, Belgium, and Germany

Alasdair interviewed officials and experts on Europe’s response to the war in Ukraine and the long-term future of unified European foreign policy.

Angela Remus ’22 - Colombia

Angela traveled to Colombia to interview government and civil society leaders regarding the passage of the Temporary Protection Statute for Venezuelans and its implementation.

Jackson Skeen ’22 - Portugal

Jackson utilized semi-structured and field interviews in Portugal to gain greater insight into the increasingly pervasive influence of populism in Portuguese and American politics.

Chantelle van Wiltenberg ’22- Canada

Chantelle examined the administration of Canada’s federal sentencing regime through a case-study of the remote, Inuit communities of Iqaluit and Pangnirtung, Nunavut.


2019-2020 Streicker Scholars and Projects

Pirzada Ahmad ’21, Derrick Rice ’21, Ramis Wadood ’21 – Turkey 

Pirzada, Derrick, and Ramis traveled to Istanbul, Turkey with the goal of immersing themselves in its cultural and social constructions of qualified, restricted citizenship and national security threats through in-country interviews, archival research, and field research. 

Esther Araya ’20 - Ethiopia

Esther traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to understand the implementation process of Ethiopia’s recent Refugee Proclamation through interviews with various stakeholders. 

Michael Avi-Yonah ’21 – Hong Kong

Michael traveled to Hong Kong to research nationality law at the British National Archives. The focus of his project was on developing a normative framework for state obligations to prevent statelessness through denationalization in the context of the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness. 

Joshua Blecher-Cohen ’20 – England

Josh spent three weeks in London at the United Kingdom’s National Archives to investigate the early English use of writs of habeas corpus to resolve child custody disputes. 

Kristen Bourgeois ’20 – Netherlands and Denmark

Kristen traveled to Netherlands and Denmark to initially get a first-hand look at criminal justice reform in the two countries. 

Simon Brewer ’20 and Alex Lichenstein ’20 – South Africa

Simon and Alex traveled to South Africa to speak with lawyers, officials, and activists about the right to water under the South African Constitution.  

Serena Candelaria ’20 - New Zealand

Serena traveled to New Zealand to better to understand the procedural relationship between restorative justice and criminal trials. 

Mary Charlotte Carroll ’20 – France and Belgium

Mary Charlotte traveled to Paris, Antwerp, and Bruges to interview experts in family law and demographic studies in order to build on her ongoing research of reviving marriage alternatives in the United States 

Kamilyn Choi ’21 – South Korea

Kamilyn traveled to Seoul, South Korea to conduct in-person field work on her on-going research of LGBTQ rights and same-sex marriage in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Sara Cervantes ’20 - Netherlands

Sara traveled to Amsterdam with the intention of interviewing nightlife stakeholders to develop an understanding of the general mechanics of the nightlife economy in Amsterdam and the ways it differs from the American approach 

Briana Clark ’20, Lisset Pino ’20, and Megan Yan ’20 - Spain

Brianna, Lisset, and Megan traveled to Spain to better understand how the county’s national government has responded to the asylum seeker crisis, and how that response has, or has not, differed from the local municipalities responsible for carrying out national directives. 

Julia Coppelman ’20 – Netherlands and Denmark

Julia traveled to Amsterdam and Copenhagen to learn more about how those cities regulate sex work. Julia has long been interested in the intersection of sex work and the criminal justice system, specifically the broad statutes that criminalize “loitering” for the purposes of prostitution in the United States 

Andrea De Sá ’20 – Australia 

Andrea traveled to Australia as part of her SAW research of comparative antitrust approaches to big tech companies like Facebook and Google throughout the world. 

Sofea Dil ’21 - Aruba

Sofea traveled to Aruba to gather research for her Supervised Analytical Writing. The project examines and constructs recommendations for States’ compliance with the international refugee regime. 

Erin Drake ’20 – South Africa

Erin traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa to learn how the official narrative she’d received as an American and that the international community accepts of South Africa does and does not capture essential elements of South Africa and its history.

Marguerite “Rita” Gilles ’20, Sara Levine ’20 and Alisa Tiwari ’20– New Zealand

Rita, Sara, and Alisa traveled to New Zealand to study the implementation of gun control measures following the tragic mass shooting in Christ Church last year. 

Sumer Ghazala ’21 – France and Italy

During her trip to Paris and Rome, Sumer was able to learn more about the intersection of immigration and national security from the local law schools and human rights organization activists. 

Veronica Guerrero ’20 - Ghana

Veronica traveled to Ghana to investigate the effect of American xenophobic and anti-black rhetoric on global travel. 

Rosa Hayes ’20 - Japan

Rosa traveled to Japan as part of her research to understand climate change awareness and policy responses across alpine cultures. 

Annie Himes ’21 and Rebecca Steele ’21 - Colombia

Annie and Rebecca traveled to Colombia to interview Colombians directly involved in the transitional justice process.

Ruel Jerry ’20 – Trinidad and Tobago

Ruel traveled to Trinidad and Tobago to complete research for a paper exploring how the oil and gas sector in Trinidad and Tobago came to be dominated by large foreign multinational companies, and further why there has not been a nationalist backlash against them as there have been in many other developing countries. 

Katherine Kornman ’21 - Northern Ireland

Katherine traveled to Northern Ireland to study the political climate of peace and reconciliation work. 

Lawrence Liu ’21 – China 

Lawrence traveled to Shanghai, China to investigate how the Chinese legal profession participates in the country’s expanding outbound investment and infrastructure aspirations through its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Nikita Lawani ’20 and Josh Rubin ’20 - Oman

Nikita and Josh traveled to the cities of Muscat and Nizwa, Oman to interview Omani scholars and experts, as well as U.S. diplomats, on Oman’s foreign and economic policy in the context of maintaining its neutrality amid a looming succession and economic crisis. 

Wellington Mackey ’22 – South Africa

Wellington’s research focuses on questions of benefit-sharing, capacity-building, and the transfer of marine technology. He chose to travel to South Africa because despite having a robust mining sector, up until May 2019, it had not staked claims to exploration blocks on the deep seabed belonging to the global commons. 

Ryan Martins ’20 - England

Ryan traveled to London to research the history of criminal animal trials. 

Shua Mermelstein ’20 – Australia and New Zealand

Shua traveled to Australia and New Zealand to better investigate ritual slaughter laws. “Ritual slaughter laws” refer to regulations regarding the slaughter and butchering of meat that can preclude religious communities, such as the Kosher and Halal communities, from accessing meat that meets their dietary restrictions 

Alan Mitchell ’21 and Rebecca Lewis ’21 - Sweden

Alan and Rebecca traveled to Gothenburg, Sweden with the goal of mapping Gothenburg’s property and municipal development practices, using the Lindholmen site as a case study. The objective was to investigate strengths and weaknesses in Gothenburg’s development process and suggest potential improvements in a final paper. 

Juliana Moraes ’20 - Brazil

Juliana traveled to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil with the purpose of capturing the opinions of ordinary Brazilians about issues of national sovereignty and the Amazon Rainforest. 

Elsa Mota ’20 - Uganda

Elsa traveled to Kampala, Uganda to investigate the country’s plea bargaining rule. 

Megan Mumford ’20 and Shannon Price ’20 - Argentina

Megan and Shannon traveled to Argentina with the intention of gathering local perspectives on coastal erosion in the country. 

Molly Petchenik ’21 – Northern Ireland

Molly traveled to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to explore alternative approaches to incarceration.

Alison Rabkin Golden ’20 – South Africa

Alison traveled to South Africa to explore the judicialization of healthcare, specifically in South Africa and Tanzania. 

Shili Shao ’20 – China 

Shili traveled to Beijing and Shanghai, China to conduct interviews with representatives of autonomous vehicle (AV) firms, chip makers who supply critical components of AVs, state- owned enterprises which offer land and business services to AV firms under government directives, as well as law firms and think tanks which have contributed to AV legislations. 

Eric Stern ’20  - Israel

Eric traveled to Israel to document how groups of Israelis—Jews and non-Jews—view the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement (BDS). 

Xuan Hong Tran ’20  - Vietnam

Hong traveled to Vietnam to meet with Vietnamese citizens who are on the frontlines of advocating for victims of Agent Orange 

Patrick Wieland ’21 - Peru

Patrick traveled to Peru to analyze the integration of the extralegal into the legal sector. Patrick interviewed a variety of stakeholders in academia, civil society, and government involved in the artisanal and small-scale mining, as well as the miners themselves, to compile his research. 

Katherine Zhang ’20 -  Thailand and Hong Kong

Katherine traveled to Thailand and Hong Kong to evaluate the claim that transgender- segregated housing units are an effective solution to the violence experienced by incarcerated transgender people in an international context. 

Joshua Zoffer ’20 – China and Japan

Joshua traveled to China and Japan to investigate more deeply the dollar’s role as an international reserve currency. 


Gilad Abiri '20 - India
Abiri traveled to India to conduct research on religious freedom and Hindu nationalism.

Alexa Andaya '20 - Palestine and Israel
Andaya traveled to Palestine and Israel to gain crucial personal insight into conditions on the ground, as well as to interview key actors working to advance human rights in the area.

Joshua Blecher-Cohen '20 - United Kingdom
Blecher-Cohen visited the United Kingdom’s National Archives to research the early English use of writs of habeas corpus to resolve child custody disputes and the contested reception of this practice in American state court proceedings.

Doni Bloomfield '20 - United Kingdom
Bloomfield visited London to investigate the republican roots of antitrust law and the ways in which antitrust should function to fight corporate domination over political processes.

Adam Bradlow '18 - Mexico
Bradlow traveled to Mexico to research methods of ensuring protections for undocumented immigrants in the United States, speaking with activists and lawyers.

Pilar Brito '20 and Tomo Takaki '20 - Australia
Brito and Takaki traveled to Australia to study the Australian summary discipline system, gaining valuable insights and delving into the perceived impediments of the current system.

Capone Gabriella '19 - South Africa
Gabriella traveled to South Africa to research the political dynamics there, and the unique role of the private sector in driving public sector policy.

Leanne Gale '20 - Palestine and Israel
Gale traveled to Palestine and Israel to research gender disparities in access to education in East Jerusalem.

Marguerite Gilles '20 - Palestine and Israel
Gilles traveled to Palestine and Israel to see firsthand the needs of vulnerable communities living with occupied territories, especially the health needs of women.

Ted Gkoo '20 - South Korea
Gkoo traveled to South Korea to interview experts in Korean competition law and explore the intersection of competition law and corporate governance from a comparative perspective.

Erin Islo '19 - Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe
Islo traveled to Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe to have a broad empirical look at the statutes, case laws and local customs that inform how the law intersects with the lives of children and structures of families.

Healy Ko '19 - South Korea
Ko traveled to South Korea to study the legal and humanitarian responses to asylum seekers, specifically analyzing how organizations in South Korea responded to the recent arrival of Yemeni refugees.

Gabe Lewin '20 - Palestine and Israel
Lewin studied how legislation has limited avenues of protest in the Israel and Palestine region, and how human rights lawyers have responded with litigation.

Ellis Liang '20 - New Zealand
Liang traveled to New Zealand to study the country’s no-fault tort system, specifically the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).

Laura Lynn Liptrap-Sandoval '20 - South Africa
Liptrap-Sandoval researched how the South African labor and employment regulatory scheme has changed drastically in the last three decades since apartheid.

Mirana Li '19 - China
Li traveled to Beijing to conduct interviews on the challenges of US business in China, and in particular, cyber-hacking of US companies.

Alexander Minore '19 - Japan
Minore traveled to Japan to conduct field research on the government’s use of corporate governance reform as economic stimulus.

Ayoub Ouederni '21 - Israel
Ouederni traveled to Israel to conduct on-the-ground research on how the nomadic populations interact with the country’s millet courts.

Audrey Pence '20 - Belgium, Poland, and Italy
Pence traveled to Belgium, Poland, and Italy to explore the most pressing issues facing NATO, and gain insight about the future of NATO.

Cody Poplin '19 - China
Poplin traveled to Beijing to complete first-hand research on the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and explore in greater depth the evolving nature of the US-China relationship.

Paul Rink '19 - Colombia
Rink traveled to Colombia to research the 2018 litigation: Future Generations v. the Ministry of Environment and Others, learning about the relative benefits of framing climate change around intergenerational rights using youth-based climate litigation

Josh Rubin '20 - Belgium and Estonia
Rubin traveled to Brussels, Belgium to interview senior NATO officials and to Tallinn, Estonia to interview senior Estonian government officials about the issue of democratic backsliding in NATO.

Clare Ryan '13 - Luxembourg and Germany
Ryan studied Europe’s rule of law challenges at the Max Planck Institutes of Luxembourg and Heidelberg, focusing on the pressures on the rule of law, given resistance from national actors in various parts of Europe.

Isra Ayesha Syed '19 - South Africa
Syed explored the how advocates involved in Cape Town’s #ReclaimtheCity movement have been articulating a vision of constitutional rights, specifically focusing on the 2016 Tafelburg School case.

Yi Wang '20 - China
Wang traveled to China to study the newly developed common law curricula taught by some prominent universities in China, interviewing students and professors in a common law program in Shanghai.

Ofra Bloch '18 - Israel
Bloch traveled to Israel to conduct research on the country’s affirmative action laws by studying new materials and uncovering a neglected chapter in Israel’s history.

Rachel Brown '20, Idriss Fofana '18, Aisha Saad '18, Wazhma Sadat '19 and, Georgia Travers '18 - Djibouti
These five students traveled to Djibouti to document the combined effect of the Yemeni civil war and the US travel ban on Yemenis applying for family reunification visas to join close relatives in the US.

Varun Char '19 - Mexico City
Char traveled to Mexico City to conduct research on how cultural differences affect the internalization of human rights treaties by domestic courts.

Catherine Chen '18 - France
Chen conducted research in France comparing US preemption and EU harmonization as it relates to agriculture regulations.

David Chen '18 - Zambia and Malawi
Chen traveled to Zambia and Malawi to research how politics and political institutions influence the separation of powers in the two nations.

Chelsea Colwyn '18 - Australia
Colwyn traveled to Australia to study rural water distribution, speaking with numerous farmers and academics.

Khori Davis '18 and Nick Gulino '18 - Argentina
Davis and Gulino studied the sovereign debt crisis in Argentina, interviewing individuals affected by the default and restructuring.

Gaga Gondwe '18 - Israel and United Kingdom
Gondwe researched the relationship between minority communities and police in Haifa, Israel and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Dylan Kolhoff '19 - Argentina and Chile
Kolhoff traveled to Argentina and Chile to examine how NGOs are established in these countries, and how these countries’ governments interact with NGOs.

Steven Lance '18 - Guatemala
Lance traveled to Guatemala, in a continuation of his project, to research the country’s attorney-general, Thelma Aldana, and her stabilizing and inspiring role in the nation.

Ela Leshem '20 - United Kingdom
Leshem visited Oxford University to meet with two experts on the problem of transgenerational binding, specifically in regards to international sovereign debt contracts.

Carolyn Lipp '18 and Bina Peltz '19 - Australia
Lipp and Peltz traveled to Australia to study the country’s approach to restorative justice, with the goal of learning lessons to inform the growing restorative justice movement in the United States.

Annika Mizel '18 - Uganda
Mizel traveled to Uganda to study human trafficking in the country by gathering information on community knowledge, attitudes, and practices.

Brian Mund '18 - United Kingdom
Mund traveled to the UK to research the effects of Brexit on data privacy protection in the UK and its trade partners.

Andrea Parente '19 - Bolivia
Parente studied labor unions in Bolivia and the role of the country’s labor and employment law in understanding why Bolivian labor unions are so strong.

Paulina Perlin '19 - Australia
Perlin studied police mistreatment of indigenous persons in Australia, interviewing journalists reporting on racially-biased police brutality in the country.

Victoria Roeck '18 - Greece
Roeck traveled to Greece to study the barriers foreign lawyers face in providing legal assistance to refugees in the country.

Yusuf Saei '17 - Morocco
Saei researched human rights abuses against LGBTQ individuals in Morocco, documenting instances of prosecution of LGBTQ individuals under Morocco’s Penal Code Provision 489.

Alexandra Schluntz '18 - Mexico
Schluntz traveled to Mexico to conduct research on US entrepreneurs in the country, focusing on how US foreign and domestic policy affects these entrepreneurs.

Paul Shortell '20 - Myanmar
Shortell traveled to Myanmar to conduct research on how the country’s new civilian-led administration could invalidate or renegotiate corrupt deals made by previous military-led governments.

Anirudh Sivaram '20 - Brazil
Sivaram traveled to Brazil to conduct research on the high prevalence of tuberculosis in the country’s prisons, and the right of prisoners to access prevention and treatment services for TB.

Julia Wang '18 - Belize
Wang traveled to Belize to study the effect of the reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy on the ability of NGOs to provide sexual and reproductive health care in Belize.

Evan Welber '18 - Ukraine
Welber explored the issue of parliamentary immunities in Ukraine, attending meetings on anti-corruption and transparency in Ukraine.

Nick Werle '18 - Portugal
Werle traveled to Portugal to conduct research to compare the Portuguese drug policy approach with progressive drug policy approaches in the United States, particularly LEAD in Seattle.

Jack Whiteley '18 - France
Whiteley traveled to Avignon, France to conduct archival research for his project on animal law.

Alyssa Yamamoto '18 - England and Netherlands
Yamamoto studied the use of human rights rhetoric by politicians in England and the Netherlands, specifically focusing on far-right proponents of nativism.

Laika Abdulali '17 and Nancy Tang '18 - Thailand and Myanmar
Abdulali and Tang traveled to Bangkok, Thailand, and Yangon, Myanmar to investigate the Rohingya humanitarian and refugee crisis, as well as to devise advocacy strategies.

Emily Chertoff '17 - Colombia
Chertoff traveled to Bogotá, Colombia to conduct research for the humanitarian organization, Action Against Hunger, on whether international law permits the Colombian military to act against armed forces in the country.

Tomas Drumbrovsky '17 - Italy
Drumbrovsky traveled to Florence, Italy to conduct research on a new model of European Union constitutional transformation centered on the positive role of conflict.

Ama Francis '18 - Morocco
Francis traveled to Marrakech, Morocco to attend the United Framework Convention on Climate Change, as part of her SAW project, and gain valuable insight on international environmental justice.

John Giammatteo '17 and Adrienne Lee '17 - United Kingdom
Giammatteo and Lee traveled to London to examine the effects of Brexit on United Kingdom asylum law, meeting with experts of refugee and asylum law in the UK and local organizations working in this field.

Minjae John Jo '17 - South Korea
Jo traveled to Seoul, South Korea to conduct research on the development of Korean antitrust laws in the 1970s and 1980s, with the rise of Korean conglomerates like Samsung and Hyundai.

Steven Lance '18 - Guatemala
Lance traveled to Guatemala to conduct research on corruption theory, focusing on the cases that led to the resignation and imprisonment of the country’s President and Vice President.

Alina Lindblom '17 and Katherine Munyan '17 - Cuba
Lindblom and Munyan traveled to Cuba to conduct research on the human rights implications of the country’s response to the Zika virus outbreak, which relied on heavily intrusive governmental measures.

Adeel Mohammadi '19 - Turkey
Mohammadi traveled to Istanbul, Turkey to conduct research on contract law within classical Islamic legal tradition, focusing on the Hanafi School of Law.

Jessica Purcell '17 - Cuba
Purcell traveled to Cuba to conduct research on menstruation in the context of human rights, interviewing an American medical student, a Cuban journalist, and the journalist’s grandmother.

Mariana Velasco Rivera '19 - México
Rivera traveled to Mexico City to research whether Mexico’s transition to democracy and the adoption of modern constitutional institutions has enhanced the protection of human rights.

Andrew Udelsman '17 - Rwanda
Udelsman traveled to Rwanda to conduct research on the state of free speech in the country, particularly investigating the Genocide Ideology Law, which was designed to curb the type of rhetoric that led to the 1994 genocide.


Dena Adler ’17- France
Adler conducted research on legal and non-legal mechanisms to connect the greenhouse gas reduction commitments of sub-national actors to the international climate change agreement reached in Paris.

Hilary Albrecht ’16, Marisa Choy ’16, Leora Kelman ’16 and Benjamin Lo ’17 - Cuba
These four students in Professor George Priest’s course, “The Robber Barons: Reconsidered,” traveled to Cuba to conduct research for papers expanding upon issues explored in the seminar. Theirs is a multi-part project examining the history, development, and impact of U.S. industry in Cuba and the prospects for entrepreneurship going forward.

Nishchal Basnyat ’17 - Nepal
Basnyat travelled to Nepal, where he investigated the human rights abuses faced by migrant workers from Nepal, and the inability of domestic laws – and international law in general – to protect their basic rights.

Jack Boeglin ’16 and Zack Shapiro ’16 - Japan
Boeglin and Shapiro observed the changing Japanese system of victim participation in criminal trials. They conducted research for a project concerning the proper role of victims in criminal punishment.

Alexandra Brodsky ’16 and Erika Nyborg-Burch ’16 - Italy
Brodsky and Nyborg-Burch conducted research in Italy on their project, “Ferrante As Feminist Theory: Exploring Women’s Resistance to the Male Socialist Left through Lenu Greco and Italian Feminist Movements of the 1970s.” 

Rakim Brooks ’16 - South Africa
In South Africa, Brooks undertook a clerkship for Justice Edwin Cameron of the Constitutional Court of South Africa. During his clerkship, Rakim he also researched how the constitution of South Africa protects  the dignity and equality of all people.

Jade Chong-Smith ’16 and Claire Simonich ’16 - Chile
Chong-Smith and Simonich traveled to Chile for their project, “International Perspectives on Title IX Resolutions,” to examine how lessons from community-based forms of alternative dispute resolution – in particular, truth and reconciliation commissions in Chile – can or should inform Yale University’s response to sexual assault on campus. 

Thomas Dumbrovsky ’17- Italy
Dumbrovsky conducted research at the European University Institute as well as extensive archival research of diplomatic, judicial, and personal collections deposited in the Historical Archives of the European Union.

Rhea Fernandes ’17 - Brazil
Fernandes interviewed stakeholders about Internet freedom during the Internet Governance Forum, a multi-stakeholder platform wherein governments and NGOs discussed key policy issues pertaining to the Internet. 

Grace Heusner ’16 - United Kingdom
Heusner traveled to the United Kingdom, where she interviewed local politicians and community stakeholders in Scotland, England, and Wales about hydraulic fracturing.

Tamar Holoshitz ’16 - Israel
Holoshitz conducted interviews with key advocates and officials on both sides of the existing surrogacy framework for her paper, which examines recent political discourse surrounding surrogacy arrangements in the United States and Israel. 

Sameer Jaywant ’18 - Kenya
Jaywant assisted the non-profit Lawyers without Borders in Nairobi, Kenya in administering a trial advocacy workshop for wildlife officers, lawyers, and magistrates, focused around combating the illegal trafficking of wildlife.

Scout Katovich ’17 - Cuba
Katovich traveled to Cuba to conduct research on the impact of Cuba’s legal, political, and social environment on reproductive healthcare training. Her research will, in turn, examine how Cuban reproductive healthcare training impacts American medical students schooled in Cuba.

Andrea Levien ’17, Avinash Samarth ’16, and Sarahi Uribe ’16 - Italy
These three students traveled to Italy to work with Paula Milardo, who was deported from the United States after pleading guilty to first-degree larceny. They assisted Milardo in preparing for a legislative hearing and a habeas corpus trial related her possible United States return.

Lucas MacClure ’17 - Chile
In March 2014, Chilean lawmakers enacted the first statute specifically aimed to disclose data about the relations between public officials and professional lobbyists working for corporations, lobbying firms, and non-profit organizations. MacClure studied this statute’s history, effects, and implementation and reform debates, as well as  interview Chilean policymakers, professional lobbyists, and academic experts.

Robert Nelson ’17 - Burma
Nelson traveled to Burma to conduct research for his project, “Burma’s Democratic Transition: Civil-Military Relations and Prospects for Constitutional Reform after the 2015 Elections.” While there, Nelson assessed the status of the country’s ongoing democratic transition following the parliamentary elections in November 2015. 

Mara Revkin ’16 - Turkey and Iraq
Revkin conducted fieldwork in the Sinai Peninsula, southeastern Turkey, and Iraqi Kurdistan. In Turkey, Revkin examined the relationship between judicialization and state-building through an in-depth case study of the ISIS legal system. In Iraq, Revkin conducted a survey on civilian perceptions of ISIL governance. 

Joshua Andresen ’15 - England
Andresen presented his paper, “Zero Risk: The Ethics and Law of Remote Lethal Targeting with Drones,” at the 24th Annual Joint Society of Legal Scholars-British Institute of International and Comparative Law (SLS-BIICL) Conference on International Legal Theory.

Alexander Djerassi ’15 - Tunisia
Djerassi’s research project explored the status of, and prospects for, judicial reform in Tunisia, as that country continues its transition from a corrupt authoritarian system to a modern democracy. He traveled to Tunisia to carry out critical interviews with leading figures in the Tunisian legal and political spheres, several of whom had already agreed to be interviewed, and to assist in procuring further interviews.

Leslie Esbrook ’15 - Guantánamo  
Esbrook was a civilian observer for the hearings of Abd al Hadi al Iraqi. She observed the hearings, wrote daily blog posts for the National Institute of Military Justice, and used the visit to supplement research for her paper written in Professor Fidell’s Guantánamo course, which was edited for publication in the Dartmouth Law Journal.

David Kim ’15 - India          
Kim examined the relationship between law and architecture at the Capitol Complex in Chandigarh, built in the 1950s by Le Corbusier. Support from the Streicker Fund for Student Research enabled him to travel to Chandigarh to examine the Capitol Complex and the affiliated local archive, and travel to Delhi to examine the Nehru archive at the Teen Murti Bhavan.

Thomaz H. J. A. Pereira ’17 - India
Pereira’s research analyzed the meaning and institutional consequences of unamendable constitutional clauses, investigating the way constitutional change happens in legal systems in which there are substantive limits to the power to amend. India is one of the core cases in his comparative model and he spent six months immersed in the Indian legal system conducting archival research and interviews with relevant political actors and constitutional law experts regarding the Indian constitutional founding and the development of the “basic structure doctrine.”

Tasnim Motala ’16 – Guantánamo
Motala attended a series of Periodic Review Boards for Guantánamo Bay detainees to examine the processes the U.S. affords to individuals it detains abroad. She also aided attorney David Remes with his habeas representation of approximately twenty detainees held by the U.S. in Guantánamo.

Magdey Abdallah ’14, Kristine Beckerle ’15, Charles Dameron ’15 and Peter Tzeng ’16 - IRAP - Jordan  
Four members of the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) met with some of the charitable organizations that minister to the needs of Iraqi, Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Jordan, and talked with the officials who screen the U.S. resettlement applications of asylum-seekers from the Middle East. The students also interviewed prospective clients—Iraqi refugees of various ethnicities and backgrounds.

Sparky Abraham ’14 - Guantánamo Bay  
Abraham attended, observed, and reported on hearings in the U.S. v. Khalid Shaikh Mohammad et al. before the military commission at Guantánamo Bay Naval Base. He attended a week’s worth of hearings at Guantánamo Bay and then wrote a field report published in the “NIMJ Reports from Guantánamo Bay” series.

Rachel Bayefsky ’15 - Israel
Bayefsky traveled to Israel to conduct research on the legal functions of the concepts of dignity and humiliation. She interviewed Israeli judges who have dealt with the legal implications of these concepts, as well as Israeli academics who have written on the subject.

M. Moshin Bhat J.S.D. ’16 - India                          
Bhat’s research project aimed to study the conservative Muslim minority socio-political movements in India and their interaction with liberal constitutionalism. He was based in New Delhi and traveled to other Indian cities to visit the numerous archives of various organizations he contacted.

Julia Brower ’14 - Sierra Leone     
Brower researched the handwritten case files of a paralegal organization to document the variety of ways that the paralegals interact with the customary courts in Sierra Leone. She used this research to write her SAW, to argue that Sierra Leone – with its well-developed paralegal network– represents a new model of how countries bridge the gap between customary and formal legal systems.

John Calhoun ’15 - Argentina        
Calhoun researched the various competing claims for why the Argentine parliament will soon remove the Presidency’s longstanding power to issue emergency decrees.

Henry (Hank) Moon ’14 - Cuba     
Moon spent time in Cuba for further research on his project on the liberalization of the Cuban economy in the post-Fidel Castro era, and any effects of changes on U.S. policy toward Cuba. He studied the economy firsthand and planned to interview academics, businessmen and women, and government officials.

Tasnim Motala ’16 - Guantánamo Bay     
Motala attended a series of Periodic Review Boards for Guantánamo Bay detainees to examine the sorts of process the U.S. affords to individuals it detains abroad.

Joseph Saei ’17, Michelle Cho ’16, Ruth Montiel ’16, Daniela Nogueira ’16, Andrew Walchuk ’17 and Karun Tilak ’14 - IRAP - Lebanon
These students travelled to Beirut was to observe how Lebanon, a country that is expected to contain more than 1.4 million Syrian refugees by the end of 2014, is handling the challenge.

Yoon Jin Shin ’11 - Taiwan
Shin researched anti-human trafficking law and policies in Taiwan last summer for her dissertation on Transnational Human Rights Lawmaking of Human Trafficking. She interviewed government officials, judges, prosecutors and lawyers dealing with trafficking cases, and the legislator who spearheaded the adoption of the anti-trafficking law in 2009. She also planned to contact several NGOs.

Canel Trouillot ’14 Nicholas Wallace ’15, Jane Chong ’14 and Samuel Oliker-Friedland ’14 - Haiti
These students travelled to Haiti in conjunction with the Transnational Development Clinic’s recent report “Peacekeeping Without Accountability.” The purpose of the trip was to meet with community groups, government officials, and other local stakeholders.

Mary Yanik ’14 - Bangladesh         
Yanik traveled to Bangladesh to participate in the implementation planning for the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord.

Daniel Weisfield ’14 - Chile 
Weisfield researched Chile’s mining law controversy.

Megan Browder ’15, Marvin Brown ’15, Andrea Nill-Sanchez ’14, and Christine Tsang ’13 - Myanmar
These students travelled to Myanmar to conduct research on a yearlong project on land reform in Burma.

Ling Chen Jaclyn Neo ’14 - Germany 
Neo participated in and presented a paper at the Forum Scientiarum at the University of Tubingen, Germany.

Daniel Driscoll ’14 - Guantanamo Bay
Driscoll attended the hearings of Al-Nashiri, the alleged mastermind of the USS Cole bombing in Yemen. His report consists of a brief narrative and a writing product which is a quick running journal of what was occurring in court.

Miriam Estrin ’13 - Spain and Turkey      
Estrin spent time in Spain and Turkey researching a new citizenship law for Sephardic Jews after the 1492 Spanish Inquisition.

Elisabeth Ford ’15, Allison Gorsuch ’15, Emma Kaufman ’15, and Megan Wachspress ’15 - England        
These students attended the Association for the Study of Law, Culture, and Humanities 16th Annual Conference at the Birkbeck Law School, University of London, to participate on panels and present papers.

Meghan McCormack ’13 - Kyrgyz Republic        
McCormack studied the Kyrgyz Republic legal systems, focusing on nomadic legal traditions and their interaction with the law of the Kyrgyz central government.

Shitong Qiao ’14 - Sweden   
Qiao traveled to Stockholm to present a paper at the European Law & Economics Association 2012 Conference.

William Smiley ’14, Stephanie H. Kim ’14, Alaina Varvaloucas ’14, Gillian Quandt ’14, Caitlin Bellis ’14, Alexandra Harrington ’14 , Nafees Asiya Syed ’14, and Sarah Caruana ’14 - IRAP - Jordan
These students as part of the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) team spent a week in Jordan in conjunction with the work they do in the United States.

Josef Teboho Ansorge ’14 - Canada          
Ansorge attended the 2012 Social Science History Association conference to present his paper during a panel on “Wars on Terror: Past and Present.”

Ryan Thoreson ’14 - Brazil 
Thoreson attended a conference on sexual rights and presented a paper on morals provisions in international law in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Hanna-Ruth Gustafsson’12 and Elizabeth Kelly ’12 - Brazil
Gustafsson and Kelly traveled to Brazil to look at the country’s community development and urban planning innovations as they related to the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games.

Paul Linden-Retek ’12 - Croatia    
Linden-Retek traveled to Croatia to deliver a paper at the Conference on European Union Law.

Sirine Shebaya ’12 - Lebanon         
Shebaya travelled to Lebanon to work on her research project about using courts to drive social changes there.

Vidya Venkataraman ’14- India     
Venkataraman studied India’s infrastructure in conjunction with her research internship at the Planning Commission, Government of India in Delhi.

Pouneh Aravand ’12, Forrest Dunbar ’11, Erin Evers ’11, Kevin Hubbard ’12, Stephen Poellot ’11 and Sirine Shebaya’12 - IRAP - Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria
Six members of the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) traveled to Cairo, Amman, Beirut and Damascus to meet with clients, NGOs and international organizations to better understand the protection issues facing Iraqi refugees where they live, determine the specific challenges of the refugee resettlement process in the Middle East, and build relationships with organizations on the ground so that IRAP could expand its service to vulnerable Iraqi refugees throughout the region.

Erin Evers ’11 - Egypt         
Evers traveled to Cairo to deliver her paper on U.S. foreign assistance in Egypt. She also was involved with the IRAP activities while there.

Chelsea Purvis ’11 – Uganda
Purvis traveled to Kampala, Uganda to research Uganda’s rape law and its implementation and enforcement.

Sirine Shebaya’12 - Lebanon          
Shebaya expanded her work with the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) and researched the role of Lebanese courts in advancing human rights goals.

Matias Sueldo ’12 - Brazil   
Sueldo visited Rio de Janeiro to study developments in land tilting. Sueldo became a visiting researcher at F.G.V. Law, in Rio de Janeiro, and met with law professors, law students, other academics, lawyers doing pro bono work, favela neighborhood associations, nonprofits, the police, and city government officials.

Laurie Ball ’10, Lauren Chamblee ’10, Rebecca Heller ’10 and Nabiha Syed ’10 - IRAP—Jordan
Four members of the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) traveled to Amman, Jordan. This team allowed IRAP to solidify work done in partnership with a Jordanian professor and set the stage for a collaborative clinical project between University of Jordan Law College (UJLC) and YLS students.

Chesa Boudin ’11—Malawi
Boudin researched Malawi’s murder backlog and overcrowding jails.

Burke Butler ’11—Sierra Leone
Butler attended the World Bank Paralegal Program Study in Sierra Leone.

Terra Gearheart ’10, Michael Gervais ’11, and Sharanya Kanikkannan ’11 - Lowenstein Clinic—Israel
These students undertook research for a clinic project leading to a published report on possible human rights violations affecting a community in east Jerusalem.

Adam Grogg ’10—Israel
Grogg attended a conference entitled Private Power and Human Rights in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Courtney Hostetler ’11, Jayme Herschkopf ’11 and Sirine Shebaya ’12 – Lowenstein Clinic—Senegal
As research for their Lowenstein Clinic project, the group conducted interviews in Senegal for a report on mining-related human rights abuses.

Andrew Iliff ’11—Zimbabwe
Iliff traveled to Zimbabwe to research different aspects of the Zimbabwean transitional justice process for his MA thesis and SAW.

Suneela Jain ’10—Denmark
Jain attended the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Denmark.

Ryan Keller ’12—Italy
Keller traveled to Italy to attend and present at the International Law & Neuroscience Conference.

Annalisa Leibold ’11—Chad
Leibold traveled to Chad to research the Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline.

Luke Norris ’11 and Allison Tait ’11—France
Norris and Tait attended the first International Law & Literature Symposium in Paris and presented a paper.

Connor Raso ’10—Los Angeles, United States
Raso attended the Empirical Legal Studies Conference to present a paper on an empirical analysis of the application of deference doctrines.

Michael Seringhaus ’10—Stanford, United States
Seringhaus traveled to Stanford to present his paper “Forensic DNA Databases: Expansion, Familial Search and a Radical Solution”.

Zhiqiang Wang ’13—France
Wang worked on his dissertation “Fact-Finding in Chinese Legal Tradition,” in Paris.