Support for Public Interest Law

The YLS community's commitment to public interest is expressed in its generous financial support both during the school year, the summers and following graduation. Five years after graduating, more than 25 percent of each YLS class works in public service.

Summer Fellowships

Mary A. McCarthy Fellowships in Public Interest Law
Supports public interest law projects, especially in mediation and the rights of immigrants, prisoners, criminal defendants, and women. Work products have ranged from legal briefs and evidence gathered in support of litigation to articles in national journals, informational pamphlets, and videos.

The Summer Public Interest Fellowship Program (SPIF) offers support to all Yale students who need funding to work at government and nonprofit organizations. The law school provides fellowships of up to $7,500 over the summer ($625 per week for up to 12 weeks) through SPIF. Students may also receive outside funding from grants, stipends from their public interest employer, additional jobs, etc., and SPIF grants will be adjusted so that the total earnings for the summer does not exceed the $7,500 maximum.

The Schell Center for International Human Rights provides many summer travel fellowships to support summer work abroad in international human rights.

Yale Law School endowed programs such as the Liman, Heyman, Bernstein, YLS Public Interest Fellowships, and Robina Fellowships financially empower students to pursue their public service goals after graduation. The YLS Public Interest Fellowship program also supports recent YLS graduates for one year of full-time public interest work. In addition, the Law School funds an internship/clerkship at the International Court of Justice and a fellowship at the Permanent Court of Arbitration, both located at The Hague, Netherlands.

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The Career Options Assistance Program (COAP) is one of the most generous and flexible loan forgiveness programs available at any law school. For newly admitted students, COAP helps pay off all law school students loans within ten years after graduation, and requires no contribution from graduates earning less than $50,000 (and only a moderate contribution thereafter). COAP also covers up to $30,000 of need-based undergraduate student loans, and is available to all YLS graduates.

The Career Development Office (CDO) has created TRI PI (Travel Reimbursement for Interviews in the Public Interest) which reimburses 2L, 3L and LLM students for travel expenses — up to $800 per academic year — for public interest interviews.

Career Fairs
Each year, CDO pays the registration fees and travel expenses for any students wishing to participate in the Equal Justice Works (EJW) Career Fair and Conference and/ or the NYU Public Interest Legal Career Fair.

YLS Loan Policy for Suit Purchase
If a student is on financial aid (loans and/or grants) and does not have appropriate clothing for interviews, the student may request a one-time loan of $500 to purchase a suit. If the student enters COAP after graduation, this loan will be covered. Students should contact the Financial Aid office before they purchase the suit, and should submit the receipt to the Financial Aid office within 10 days.

The Deborah L. Rhode Fund for Public Interest & Pro Bono Services fund serves to support activities of YLS students interested in pro bono or public interest opportunities during the academic year. You must be a currently enrolled student in good academic standing to qualify. The fund subsidizes costs such as reasonable transportation and lodging costs, and administrative expenses including photocopying and telephone calls. The award is only for costs which are not covered by other sources and integral to the project.

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Additional fellowships may also be available through Yale University.