Valère Ndior

Affliated Fellow

Valère Ndior is a Professor of Law at the Université de Bretagne occidentale (Lab-LEX) and a Junior Fellow of the Institut universitaire de France. His research focuses on tech regulation, international law and human rights.

Valère holds an ‘innovation’ research chair from the Institut universitaire de France (2022-27). In that capacity, he leads the “Social media governance and regulation program”, an initiative comprising the monitoring of social media policies and outreach activities. Valère has written articles, book chapters or policy papers on social media governance, digital diplomacy, digital rights, AI and cybersecurity, through the lens of international and EU law.

Valère serves as the President of the Réseau francophone de droit international (Charles-Rousseau international moot court). He is a researcher at GEODE-Geopolitics of the Datasphere, a member of the International Observatory on the Societal Impacts of AI and Digital Technologies (OBVIA) and an affiliated professor at the Global Responsible AI Chair (Ottawa).