Supreme Court

The Law School is renowned as a center for scholarship in constitutional law, and prominent scholars are well represented on the School’s faculty.

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The Law School offers a strong curriculum in corporate and commercial law as well as joint and doctoral degree programs 

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Yale Law School offers a rich academic experience studying criminal law through many different lenses.

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wind energy

Outstanding faculty, new curricular offerings, and strong partnerships are part of our expanded environmental law and policy program.

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human rights group

A diverse program of human rights activities that serve students and scholars at Yale and contribute to the development of human rights.

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The Law School’s longstanding international tradition occupies a central place in its intellectual life.

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Information Society Project (ISP) is an intellectual center addressing the implications of the Internet and new technologies.

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The Law School is at the heart of a movement to expand the once-narrow field of law and economics.

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Examining how law and policy affect individual and public health, the health care industry, and health governance.

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Our Law Teaching Program provides current students and post-graduate fellows with training and information about careers in academia.

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The history of law offers indispensable insights into the character of our legal systems.

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Yale Law School has a strong tradition of service in the public interest. Most YLS students perform public service activities during their time here.

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We, as lawyers, can be builders too. We can use our tools to build a society in which every member of the new generation can celebrate her graduation — not only with joy but with well-founded hope for the future.”

Professor Anne L. Alstott

Class of 1987, 2013 Commencement Address