Vali Gazula

Yale Affiliated Fellow

Vali Gazula is a current visiting fellow for Genomics, Ethics, and Law. He has a Law degree and a PhD in Biosciences (Neuroscience). During 2004-2006 he was Editor and Executive Editor for Yale Journal of Law and Technology at Yale Law School. He is also actively involved in Yale Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Society and did pro bono consulting for local biotech/pharmaceutical companies. He received a visiting fellowship from the Max-Planck Society, Germany. He is an elected life member of the US Society of Toxicology and active member in Society for Neuroscience. He has published extensively in the area of neuroscience, presented findings at various scientific conferences in US, Europe and in Asia; written peer reviewed articles for various scientific journals and published two book chapters. Vali’s interests in science include genetics, neuroscience, and microscopy and some of his confocal microscopy images are displayed at permanent art gallery in Yale Medical School (The Anylyn Center) and appeared in Yale Medicine, Medicine@Yale (link sends e-mail) and at European Molecular Biology Organization. He is interested in ventures related to bio-recycling and sustainable energy. He is also involved with ASHA (hope) for education at Yale, an organization that supports basic education in India.